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Avid Media Composer Rocks Glastonbury

Only published comments... Jul 22 2011, 08:17 AM by Mark Williams

UCA editor Mark Lelliott and his student crew prove Media Composer is a rock solid performer in the field. Even in a muddy field.


Glastonbury. The massively influential UK music festival's name alone evokes many images. Cutting edge bands. Throngs of fans braving the elements. Supermodels slogging through the mud backstage in wellies. Now add to that list - Media Composer 5.5!


The industry-leading editing software made it's Glastonbury debut (sans wellies) at The University of Creative Arts (UCA) booth at this years festival, held this June in Somerset. Showcased in an Avid-sponsored suite, Media Composer was used on a daily basis by students and staff to edit footage shot at the festival - footage that was then streamed on screens at the UCA booth and watched by more than 9,000 visitors over the five day event.


Mark Lelliott, UCA’s head editor and an Avid enthusiast of many years, worked with his team to pull together a daily mash-up reel of events captured by students in and around the stand. Using an extremely portable system based around Media Composer running on a laptop, Lelliott would take footage captured in the morning, edit it on the spot, and broadcast it on video screens surrounding the booth in the afternoon. “The captured footage caused quite a stir”, Lelliott said.  “The Media Composer interface was visible on the big screen while I was working and this proved to be quite a people magnet. Some of the audience knew and recognized it as Avid technology and were fascinated to see Media Composer working in the field, quite literally!”


The UCA team particularly noted Media Composer's openness to multiple file formats as one of its main benefits. "Using the latest version of Media Composer meant that there was no need to transcode files, we could just load them in through Avid Media Access (AMA) and begin editing – it was fast and efficient and meant the only thing we had to worry about was the rain”, added Lelliott.


During the festival, UCA also ran a competition where festival goers had to answer questions on Media Composer which demonstrated their knowledge of the product in the hope of winning coveted copies of the software. By the end of the weekend UCA were inundated with responses and a final tie breaking question decided two final winners, festival goers Lorraine Molly and Nathaniel Flores.


UCA's Mark Lelliott congratulates Media Composer 5.5 Lorraine Molly during a sunny moment at Glastonbury


Congratulations to everyone at UCA for an incredibly successful and educational outing at the festival. Check out UCA’s Glastonbury showreel here:

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