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  • Thu, Sep 1 2011 3:51 PM

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    My cross-over Story

    Ever since I graduated from film school in 2009 I wanted to become Final Cut Pro certified, which is what we learned in school. It took me a long time but I had finally gotten a good computer and the Final Cut Studio 3 software to start learning and getting ready for the exams. However, with the release of FCPX they decided to no longer sell or have certification courses for Final Cut Studio 3. At first I was excited for FCPX but once I started watching webinars and reading up on the program, I found out it was a completely new program. It would require to learn something new. It was at this point I saw that Avid was doing the sale on their software for FCP users (but at this point I think I would have paid the full price for it because of how pissed off Apple made me). I had always wanted to learn Avid one day so I thought if I had to learn a new program anyways, why not learn the program that is more widely used in the industry. I now have a goal of becoming Avid certified and pursuing a future with Avid as much as I can. 

    So far I can say I am very happy with my choice. I haven't been apart of the Avid community for very long but everyone I've talked to so far have been awesome, very polite and quick responses. It makes me sad the way Apple is going. I supported them since 2007 when I started film school. I loved their computers and their software. I just hope that they don't continue this trend like FCPX or they may find A LOT more people making the jump away from their software. I'm probably not going to stop using FCP all together, since its where I started and got me to where I am today, but I don't think I'll go to FCPX. Yes it has some amazing features like rendering in the background and other cool organizing tools but it doesn't really seem worth it to learn when I could be learning Avid instead; which could offer me a better career in the industry in the future. I might start working on FCP again if they go back to the FCP 7 layout/style but I will definitely continue down the Avid path. There are so many great features in Avid that I've learned so far and I've barely started. I can't wait to understand all aspects of Avid. It's a huge learning curve but I'm in it for the long hall. 

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    Re: My cross-over Story

    Having used FCP for over 5 years and recently becomming Final Cut Certified I find that knowing all the non-linear editing programs helps you understand the pros and cons of each software.  In the end, it's just knowing where certian tools are and once you find them the real power comes to play with you as the editor in your storytelling process.  I'm currently taking a college class on Avid Media Composer and my teacher, Dan Wagner, has been a great help and resource in learning the software.  I'm really enjoying the program and find myself editing quicker each time I use it.  I hope to get a copy of it one day and with the new Media Composer 6 there's all the more reason to get it :)


    p.s. seems like all the companies are liking the black interface.  I guess it's the preferred look.

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