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  • Fri, Sep 16 2011 12:12 PM

    Need help with an error: Assertion failed, line 563


    While working on timeline I get an error :


    Assertion failed: newState == St_Cleanup || newState == St_Setup

    File: ..\..\src\player\APlayerClock.c, Line: 563


    This happens often but irregulary. It doesnt crash the software if I click Continue but it keeps coming back after awhile. And from the name of the file it seems to have something to do with the player? But I havent got a clue how to or what to fix or even TRY to fix.

    This error popping up often as it is, is getting pretty annoying and I would like to find an solution for this. I have just(15.9.2011) updated the MC to 5.5.3 from 5.5.1 and this started doing this about month ago. At first I had too new graphic drivers but downgraded them to see if they were the reason, werent, still does it. Also just to be sure dropped the QT to 5.6.6 from 5.7.0. Next on list is to remove the C++ runtimes since when pressing "Creat Report" in the error pop-up it gives Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library error but I have found some "solutions" to that, my main issue is that 'line: 563'. ( I havent had the runtime error anywhere else except that "create report" after which MC shutsdown as it does with Debugger but without the 'line: 563'-error there is no runtime error (; )

    I have been scrolling up and down the forums looking at every Assertion failed topic but no luck on finding this line 563 OR anything else resembling this specific error. Also check'd the Knowlegebase at again finding alot of "assertion failed" but no line 563.

    Hope here is enough info about the issue and or specs, configs and such. I appreciate every possible suggestion you might have.

    Thank you in advance!


    My System specs:

    Win7 64bit

    MC 5.5.3

    Quicktime 7.6.6

    Nvidia Drivers 259.77

    HP Z400 with Nvidia Quatro FX 3800

    Win7 64bit, MC 5.5.3, Quicktime 7.6.6, Nvidia Drivers 259.77, HP Z400 with Nvidia Quatro FX 3800, Nitrix DX. [view my complete system specs]
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    Re: Need help with an error: Assertion failed, line 563

    Have you tried deleting and rebuilding your system files to see if that solves the problem?

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    Re: Need help with an error: Assertion failed, line 563

    Also if you check the version matrix, you are not using the right NVIDIA driver.

    **The 259.77 driver is supported with the z400, z800, and any other configurations with a NVIDIA Quadro 4000, 2000, or 600. Any other configurations are supported with the 190.38 driver.

    While you have a z400 you do not have a NVIDIA Quadro 4000, 2000, or 600 card.  


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