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  • Thu, Dec 1 2011 3:14 AM

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    Master clip colours set in an external project are 'restored' to default colour in current working project.

    Hello Avid Community,


    I'm an assistant editor / vfx editor in feature films and my team and I have come across a clip colouring issue which we've noted has been around for a while. We're just trying to determine if it is a bug, if there is a simple work-around or maybe pending a fix one day..


    Thanks in advance to anyone who has the time to consider the issue,


    Issue: Avid 5.5.3 & 6.0.0 (and older versions)


    Master clip colours set in an external project are 'restored' to default colour in current working project.




    The current bin containing either a master clip, or sequence clip (timeline) over-writes or defines the clip colour of the next bin opened with the same clip, even if the 'new' clip and colour have been set later.




    (Project workflow is currently on local storage and media is managed manually, we are expecting to move onto an avid unity, however I have also seen this behaviour on the unity in the past).


    I set a clip colour to blue in my assistant editor project, copy the bin to the editor's master project.


    If the Editor's edit (timeline) is open, and contains that clip in the edit (as default colour).


    Then I open my new bin with the clip coloured blue.


    The result is that the master clip colour is changed from blue to default to match the edit timeline colour.




    It appears that the first bin opened will dictate the colour of other clip colours in bins opened afterwards.


    So if I opened a bin with new clip colours first… then opened the avid timeline, the clips would ripple update the edit timeline.


    If I opened the timeline first then opened the bin with new colours, the new colours would become default otherwise 'old colour scheme'.


    Reason for why we use this:


    We use colours to reflect the status of shots int he edit (primarily visual effects versioning).




    I understand 'logically' why this happens, but I feel its a kind of a bug, and would like to know if its something that may be addressed, to determine clip colours by date modified (i.e. last modified), rather than first bin opened will dictate colours of all bins opened after that… (what if we miss opening a bin and we change clip colours back to the old scheme?).


    As you can understand this can be a little daunting when we also consider restoring an old edit timeline from a backup or the editors clips begin to conflict with the assistant clips or visa versa.


    Additional note:


    Of-coarse, we'd like to be working in a single project, we'd love to work on a unity, we'd love to have a more stable colour coding workflow.. but its not possible at this stage for reasons i am not able to get into.


    Other testing:


    I have tested this in a single project environment, which seems to work, reflecting the correct 'latest' clip colour regardless of which bin is opened first.


    I have also taken a duplicate of the master project to make a clip colour change, and copied the bin back into the original… same issue.


    So this is only in the event when an external project updates a 'master' project.




    Thanks again for your time, and I look forward to your replies…



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  • Thu, Dec 1 2011 7:58 AM In reply to

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    Re: Master clip colours set in an external project are 'restored' to default colour in current working project.

    I've seen this behaviour and it extends to other clip metadata too.

    I have always assumed that the 'global' metadata is stored in the clip databases in the AvidMedaifiles folders, and  this overwrites any 'local' metadata that may exist in bins.

    I would like to know how and when the 'global' metadata is amended though. I suspect it may only be if you amend the 'local' metadata in bins within the 'owner' project.

    metadata I see regularly reverting to 'global' includes: name, clip colour, image aspect ratio, reformat, field motion - I'm not sure what prompts the reversion, but your message certainly gives food for thought.

    If indeed it is the first bin opened that dictates the settings then there is no 'global' metadata - but logic assumes there must be as one can have no clips residing in bins and use the media tool to get clip information from the avid media databases. hmm...

    Avid latest advice is not to share projects on an Interplay environment, by the way, and personally I find that shared projects become v. large and unwieldy and inefficient.

  • Thu, Dec 1 2011 8:17 AM In reply to

    Re: Master clip colours set in an external project are 'restored' to default colour in current working project.

    Ok can't be sure as I don't have access to shared storage here but I suspect this is because you are using copies of the media on your local machines rather than shared storage.

    You have to remember that the master clips in your project represent the Avid media on your media drive.

    When you colour a master clip that information is updated in the actual media stored on the drive.

    I tested this by creating a project and importing a clip. Open a second project and use media tool to drag that clip to the second project. Colour the clip. This then shows in media tool for that media and when I go back to the first project the original clip now has the new colour.

    So what's happening is you are using colour in one project with one set of media and assuming the clip colour is related to the master clip when in fact it's related to that media on that system.

    I suspect the second system has a copy of that original media but of course that media hasn't had it's clip colour changed. So when you copy the bin from the first system to the second system and the master clip re-links automatically to the related media file the master clip in the bin (and sequence) will adopt the clip colour from that local media.

    So shared storage would solve that. Copying the media at the same time (not practical) would solve it.

    But it would be better to create a custom column and use that I suspect.


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