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  • Tue, May 8 2012 3:20 PM

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    SubCap True Global Settings Synchronisation


    Generally captions in a movie are just one style, but there is no global synchronisation setting for this. Even if I set a "default" style the project insists on creating and applying a new and totally useless style each time I create a new sequence.

    In AMC 6.0.1 we have synchronisation settings across a sequence, track, clip.

    I would like to have another setting that is per project and/or all projects, thereby I can set my caption style settings once and never have to touch them again.

    Either that or stop amc from introducing a new unwanted style each time a sequence is created.


    P.S. I first noticed this when typing new text into a single subcap segment which in turn appeared to alter other subcap segments causing them to be green dot and requiring to be re-rendered.



    Before text edit


    After text edit:


    In the above example you can see that the edited segment becomes green dot as anticipated, but also other segments on the same track, not all of them, become green dot even though their text or style was not edited.

    At first I thought it was a bug, but realised that this could possibly be caused by an unintentional missmatch in the syncronisation settings.

    The missmatch occurs when creating a new sequence. Each time a new sequence is created it adopts a style and synchronisation configuration that I have no access to. This requires me to go into each sequence delete the odd ball style, set and apply my previously setup "default" style, which evidently is not default. Then I have to go through the entire list of synch settings to make sure they are all correct. Because there are so many of these I get bored and set them all to the far right per sequence.

    If I didn't follow the above proceedure I would be wasting my time re-rendering segments that had no real need of re-rendering, wasting much time and disk space.


    Media Composer 6.0.5, Windows 7 Pro x64, Dell M4400, C2D 2.54GHz, 8GB RAM [view my complete system specs]


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