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  • Tue, Jun 26 2012 1:30 PM

    • daniellew
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    FCP to AVID switching

    Hello everyone,

    I'm a FCP user and have never liked Avid very much! But, I want to be able to use it and try my best to learn it so I can edit projects in both depending on the job I'm working on. 


    There seems to be plenty of books/resources for Avid people switching to FCP, but not so much the other way around. This confuses me because what I've found so difficult about Avid compared to FCP is it's difficulty in just being an intuitive interface and program. FCP is very obvious with how things work, I struggle to do even the simplest things in Avid. (Of course, this could be the case because of learning on FCP! I am not trying to just bash Avid, but rather explain why I have difficulty with it).


    Does anyone here know of any great books for FCP users wanting to switch to Avid to help the transition easier?


    Thank you! I appreciate everyone's help!

  • Tue, Jun 26 2012 1:40 PM In reply to

    Re: FCP to AVID switching

    There are a lot of introductory tutorials that you can find on this site.

    Those were done by a person who had switched from Liquid, but many of the tips he shows are relevant for anyone starting out on Media Composer.

    Plus there are a lot of other resources >>here<<



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    Re: FCP to AVID switching

    Also, there are some basic training videos on the Avid Website.



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    Re: FCP to AVID switching

    My advice is to simply jump in and do a project on it; that's how I learned coming from D/Vision Pro and Incite over a decade ago. It's painful at first, but you'll catch on. You know what you want done, you just have to figure out how to do it in Avid; it' not like NLEs in general are a mystery. I agree, Avid is not really like anything else out there. However, after using it for a decade, it's definitely my favorite editor of all time. 

    Try to avoid making Avid act like FCP. It's not. Try to learn "the Avid way," and you'll ultimately be much happier with it. And I dare say, eventually you might even learn the wisdom of it. I know I did.

    Just remember, it's based on a film editing paradigm: the background is treated like film leader. You can grag it, you can effect it, and you can trim it, just like leader in a gang synchronizer.

    Good luck.


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    Re: FCP to AVID switching

    Also a good place to check is the FAQ at the top of this forum dedicated to all training out there.

    Avid is different that FCP and M100 - and when I came to Avid from M100, I had to change my thinking.  Dont try and force the Avid into one of those app's.  The media management and workflow are much better in Avid so just go into it with an open mind and a clean slate.

    We are here to help you through.........


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    • GT
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    Re: FCP to AVID switching

    I would thoroughly recommend the set of 12 (free) ProMax webinars here:

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