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  • Thu, Dec 12 2013 10:04 AM

    Direct Out + Export to XDCAM



    I am using MC 6.5 on a fairly new HPz800 with a nitris DX box. I am trying to Export a sequence to an XDCAM machine  (PDW HD-1500) attached by Firewire 400. I am trying to export the sequence in Direct out Audio Mode. Previosly when doing this with  Direct out to Tape I could simply route several channels together (for example when there was 4 edited music tracks in the timeline I could route them down to 2 stereo tracks via Direct Out.) With the XDCAM export there appears an error message that I have too many tracks for XDCAM export (Yes I have about 14 tracks in the Timeline) My question is do I really have to do an Audio Mixdown on these tracks to then get the Direct out to work? or have I missed something? and additionally to this It seems I cannot re-route for example track 3 in my sequence to track 4 of the XDCAM disc?or am I missing something here aswell??

    Please help cause this kind of increases the amount of work I have to do when I think it should be about simplefying the amount of work I do 


    Many thanks in advance for any help or tipps

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    Re: Direct Out + Export to XDCAM

    Hi Nick!

    As far as I know you have to do mixdowns to get the audio tracks of your sequence to match the tracks on the XD-cam disk. In fact it does not matter if you're on direct out or stereo setting in yor Avid. The export to XD-cam will allways export the audio tracks 1:1, no matter what routing or panning you have set in your sequence.







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    Re: Direct Out + Export to XDCAM

    Thanks for confirming this Florian, I was afraid this was going to be the answer!





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    Re: Direct Out + Export to XDCAM


    I mostly work on commercials during the day and output to PDW-HD1500 XD deck.  I will transfer either via firewire or real-time HD-SDI depending on the project.  I have to output L/R stereo to XD tracks 1/2 and duplicate on XD 7/8 for described video. Once the timeline is approved I mixdown the video and audio to stereo. I have an output timeline template that is comprised of 4 stereo tracks.  Once the mixdowns are in place, I'll sample the audio levels to set overall gain to -24 LU and then duplicate stereo track 1 to stereo track 4. I'll then set the Audio Output Setting to Direct, surround tracks in SMPTE order and select the proper track matches. This will output timeline stereo track 1 to XD tracks 1/2 and timeline stereo track 4 to XD tracks 7/8.  

    I really prefer having a flattened timeline to output so I can put a broadcast safe filter on only one layer to catch transient spikes that I missed during color correction and to adjust one stereo audio track to the industry broadcast standard of -24LU.

    I'm running Symphony 6.5.2 on a HP820 and Kona LHi.


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