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  • Tue, Jun 3 2014 11:33 AM

    Confused [*-)] FRAME FLEX Subclipping with AutoSync doesnt work.....

    I have a Red camera project that I'm trying to sync clips.  my transcodes came in at 2.35 letterboxed with a green dot.  After syncing all the clips on the timeline, I can't make the sublips into Autosync new clips, because of the FrameFlex effect.

    "This command is not valid on sequences which have effects"

    How can I fix it or is their another way to subclip/Autosync these FrameFlex clips?

    Really need to know more about that!



  • Tue, Jun 3 2014 2:09 PM In reply to

    Re: FRAME FLEX Subclipping with AutoSync doesnt work.....

    You should sync from the clips in the bin, and not from a sequence. See this blog:

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  • Fri, Sep 12 2014 8:45 AM In reply to

    Re: FRAME FLEX Subclipping with AutoSync doesnt work.....

    Hi "aha_international"


    In Consolidate/Transcode, If you click on both "Apply reformatting option" and "Apply color transformation", then all your colour/LUT and frame sizing is baked in to your MXF media (like the old days), which means you can use AutoSequence to sync your clips on the timeline and there will be no green dot and then AutoSync will work!!


    Most of my AEs (and my self every now and then) prefer to use the AutoSequence method too, mainly because we can see when the lockit's have broken down or there's a cable fault and a whole chunk is out a number of frames (or in some instances, minutes or even hours) and it's easy to pick the offending set of Picture takes and move them to match the correct TC where the same set of audio has no corresponding pics.  AutoSyncing individual clips fails at that point and requires serious manual work.  Once the 'repaired' sync has been done, one can easily subclip out the sunc takes and highlight all the sub-sequences and AutoSync them in one go.


    Nudging 1 perf at a time for a shot more than a frame or two out of sync can be very cumbersome.


    Anyway, that's just my preference.  I'm just glad Avid allows both methods so we can in fact choose!  






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  • Sun, Jun 28 2015 1:23 AM In reply to

    Re: FRAME FLEX Subclipping with AutoSync doesnt work.....

    Thank you Jonno.



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