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  • Sat, Sep 13 2014 1:35 PM

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    Subclips Offline. Why can't I bring media online?

    I exported an AAF from Premiere and brought it into Media Composer (because the EDL didnt work when I tried to bring it into Media Composer), and I think it asked me for settings and I said 1:1 MXF. And it imported my sequence and media into a bin. The media in the bin look like subclips and they're all offline. There is one mp3 file in the bin that's offline too. I had no problem bringing the mp3 back online, but then I go to the footage to do the same thing....I right click on the clip in the bin (which again looks like a subclip symbol for some reason), press Batch import, I choose "offline only". I set the file location so Media Composer can find where the original video clip lives on my drive, (I dont check mark any options under "import options"). Import target is 1:1 MXF, and the drive selected is the drive I'm working off of . click import, and I get this message: "Imported 0 of 1 clips. See console for more information."

    The FOURCC video code of avc1 is not natively supported. Forcing sample provider mode for video. [ Plugin Name = QuickTime Plug-In Avid Technology, Inc. Version = ] processed /Volumes/AdilSabrina_Wedding/Sabrina Adil Wedding - June 13 2014/Footage/RAW Footage/Day 1 Footage - 061314/5d Mkiii - Card 1 - 061314/DCIM/100EOS5D/UD1A0041.MOV

    Batch import clip 1 of 1 FAILED: UD1A0041.MOV with error:

    Exception: Cannot quick import a mixed resolution QuickTime movie.

    Batch imported 0 of 1 clips



    In theory I could just find the raw clips from the drive and bring them into the project via AMA, but that means I have to rebuild the entire timeline from scratch. I have this timeline in Media Composer with all the clips offline. How do I bring them online? What am I doing wrong? So frustrating. PLEASE HELP!

    FYI the clips that are showing up as "Media Offline" are Canon 5d Mkiii clips.


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    Re: Subclips Offline. Why can't I bring media online?

    Unfortunatelty you can't switch from clips that are considered imported and AMA.

    So you are stuck with a tiemline and clips that believe they where originally imported. However it seems the clips contain information that came from Premiere that is confussing the import process in Avid.

    I have to say I've spend days and days trying this type of workflow and it's often hell on earth and the end result not great.

    I'd not advice moving between systems unless there's an established workflow and it's tested end to end.

    The best I could suggest is you try manually importing afew of the clips you know you need and see if you can re-link the timeline to them.

    It's possible it maywork but it's also possible the clips in the timelien have Premiere metadata that will prevent that.


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