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  • Sun, Nov 1 2015 5:57 PM

    Upgraded from Avid 6 to Avid 8 projects freeze

    Hello. I have recently upgraded my Avid from 6 to 8.4. I had to upgrade because I couldn't import .MXF files. 

    All my projects are still there, and I was able to import those .mxf, but now my project freezes all the time. I can edit for 5min only for the Player to freeze without any reason. I have to close Avid completely and open it again. I have do this several times and I even get to a point where I can't even edit for a second. My project is due soon and I'm out of source. Is there any solution to this. Thanks for your help

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  • Sun, Nov 1 2015 6:31 PM In reply to

    Re: Upgraded from Avid 6 to Avid 8 projects freeze

    Try opening a new Project at the same resolution as your current project. 

    Then from the File drop down menu choose "Open Bin" and navigate to your current project and select the Bin with your Sequences in it.

    Can you now edit?

    If not try making all new user settings as per Randall's post here

  • Sun, Nov 1 2015 6:35 PM In reply to

    Re: Upgraded from Avid 6 to Avid 8 projects freeze

    Hello Andrew, 


    I have opened a new project, and opened the bins I needed i.e the rushes. But I tried to get back the sequences, and the same problem occured. After a couple of seconds of playback, the player froze on an image and I couldn't do anything anymore. I removed that bin and I think I have to start all over again! Would you advise me to try to do a new user setting with the old project?

  • Sun, Nov 1 2015 7:31 PM In reply to

    Re: Upgraded from Avid 6 to Avid 8 projects freeze

    New Project and new user settings are the first things to try.

    Failing that try dividi8ng the sequence into sections and see if any one section causes the problem.

    Sounds like one or more rouge clips causing the issue.

    Mark an in and out on the sequence. ensure all the tracks are enabled then use the sub sequence command (top right of composer window) to drag a sub sequence to a new bin.

    The other option is to mark in and outs and use play in to out.


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  • Sun, Nov 1 2015 7:56 PM In reply to

    Re: Upgraded from Avid 6 to Avid 8 projects freeze

    First I would use the OS's  Find and look on all drives for msmFMID.pmr When they are found delete them all. Then repeat that procedure but looking for msmMMOB.mdb and delete all of those.

    Open Avid and wait patiently whilst it re-indexes all of your media folders.
    Then open the recently created new Project.

    The following is to try to determine whether there is bad media and if so run through a process to narrow down which media is that is. 
    Open a new bin and make a new timeline.
    Select all the clips in a rushes bin and drop them in a new timeline
    Does it play?   
    If yes.... repeat for each Rushes bin (new timeline for each bin)
    Do they all play?
    If yes  
    Open A new bin and create a new timeline with all the video tracks and audio tracks that your problem sequence currently has in it.
    Drag your original sequence into the source window. Use Home Key to get to the start and Mark In.  
    Use End key to go to the end and Mark out (do not play or FF REW to move around in the timeline)

    Select only V1 on both Source and Record tracks and edit V1 to V1   Does it Play?
    If so Take the timeline back to the start and Patch V2 to V2 only and edit that into the timeline. Does it Play?

    If so repeat the process with all other tracks.

    If it fails on V1 (or any subsequent track) Try a new timeline  and in the source Mark in at the Start and Mark Out 10 seconds in from the Start. Repeat until it does not work. 
    If it fails on the first 10 seconds Try again with a Mark out at the end of the sequence and then Mark In 10 seconds before that. Does that work?  


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