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  • Wed, Mar 2 2016 4:37 PM

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    Avid 8.5 for better or worse. I want a divorce!

    It took me hours to upgrade to 8.5. I had to call tech support so they could take over my computer and dump Library files and then manually make changes in my subscription. Last time, it was the same trauma, but it took me much longer to find a way to contact Avid from overseas.

    Don't get me wrong, Avid has been my go to for four years now. But my subscription is about to expire and I'm not sure I am coming back. Avid has many advantages over FCP and Adobe. But they just announced major cuts. The 8.5 upgrades were nice, but they didn't go far enough to bring Avid up to spec for todays world. 

    Finding information on 'how to' for Avid is like pulling teeth. There are tons of videos to sort through for that small sparkle of information you are looking for. Avid of course does not provide a free online manual on how to use their product. 

    So now here I am in 8.5, and just exporting a video has suddenly become a hide and seek search to figure out what the new menu items mean and how to export a simple piece of AAC audio to edit in my favorite audio software. And no, it is not Pro Tools.

    I may have to seek a divorce in July when my cruurent subscription expires. If they are cutting staff and budgets, this may not get any better very soon.

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    Re: Avid 8.5 for better or worse. I want a divorce!

    Hey there Fernando

    Apologies it took so long to update your Edu version.  Part of the issue here is that you bought during the 4 years of free upgrade period back in 10/2012 so technically you are good for upgrades through 10/2016.  

    Went we went to MC 8.x the model changed in 2 ways.

    1. Edu didnt come with 4 years of free upgrades as many commercial customrs were usuaing the academic versions and shouldnt have - so we changed it where a Edu customer has to verify their eligiblity every year.  This does 2 things... one it prevents commercial peeps from using a cheaper product and charging commercial prices and 2. it prevents students who graduate from getting upgrades past their school period.  Once they graduate they should upgarde to a commercial version just like everyone else who uses this in the professional realm.  

    2. We wanted to make Support/Upgrades one component so both commercial and Edu would be based on year to year.  

    Many Edu customers with the 4 year window fell into a slot where they had a support/upgarde plan associated with their account but our web site had a bug where it couldt differenciate between those that still had time on their upgrades and those that didnt have free upgrades at all.

    I see that the support person you spoke with pushed your plan out so you are absolutely covered until March 2017 which is 5 months extra past your 4 year upgrade expiration :)  so we did one thing right/good!

    Aside, not sure if you or many ofthe folks on the forum are checking the "Whats New Guide". With all the UI changes - Page 3 - 7 is critival to knowing what went where....

    I asked the Doc's team to create me a cheat sheet of just the tables on 3-7 and once I get them, will post.  For now here is the Whats New Guide in its entirety....

    That shoud help.

    We do have an issue in 8.5 wtih regards to export and our team is working on it. I hope to have an answer soon on that one.

    We have not announced new cuts.... we did have a restructure a few weeks back and that is all - nothing new in ths area at all and quite frankly I believe our PR team has asked the writer of the recent article for a correction.   We aren't going anywhere - we are gearing up for NAB and have a lot on our plate to show and tell.  

    Anyone on this site knows that you can ALWAYS reach out to me ( going on 12 years here myself) as I know most of the workings of Avid both with the products and inside the company.

    I am only an email, PM or call away.


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