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  • Thu, Mar 17 2016 5:01 PM

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    Use for Striped RAID's anymore?

    Is there any benefit to having a striped RAID on my AVID system anymore?  I've been working on AVID systems for over 20 years and I'm not sure if its still neccessary like it used to be. Back in the day it was mandatory to have any kind of decent speed in the computer/drives to do it, but what about now?  Faster computer speeds and more developed codecs/software seem to suggest its not needed as much.  I realize its all somewhat dependant on what kind of footage and how involved the editing/graphics will be, but is there a reduction on the importance of having a striped RAID?

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    Re: Use for Striped RAID's anymore?

    Short answer - yes but it certainly isn't mandatory. Redundant part of RAID is important for data integrity - you would generally use that for archiving media. The striping of data which improves read and write speeds, particularly in RAID0 (not really RAID at all because there is no redundancy) is still important, depending on workflow. It's not unusual to actually stripe together a bunch of SSD's for even more speed.

    I have found that the faster the disk subsystem is the less likely you are to experience problems in the editing process. This applies especially to multicam and 4K workflows. 

    With all that said I can still edit quite well with an SSD via a USB3 connection to my Mac laptop for simple to mid level stuff. It can handle a 4 camera HD multicam provided the codecs don't overtax the processor. It's just not quite as fluid.


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    Can we go back to the way audio nodes used to be selected? Please? ie if you have audio nodes at the same time on selected tracks; then selecting 1 audio node selects them all at that time. Having to shift select nodes or add an in and out is time consuming and counter productive. At least make it an option.

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