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  • Wed, May 11 2016 5:45 PM

    • bwaz
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    8.5 Audio Suite not opening

    We've just done an upgrade from 8.3 to 8.5 media composer, and find that although the audio suite is there, when you click on the tools within any of the items, there's no adjustment window? Normally you click on the icon and a separate window opens with all the adjustables within that plugin. Does this show somewhere else now, or did we miss something on the install? (windows 7 OS)



  • Thu, May 12 2016 1:48 AM In reply to

    • Hoh
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    Re: 8.5 Audio Suite not opening

    It's there... but I searched for weeks and even had Avid support contact me.  No answers until someone on the forums shared with me that if you try to open the Audio effects Tool window (either from dropdown under Tools or by right clicking on audio track effect buttons in timeline and selecting Audio Track Effect ...)

    then go to dropdown menu "Windows" and select "Center Current" it will find that Effect Tool window and bring it front and center in the screen.


    hope that helps. 




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  • Thu, May 12 2016 8:45 PM In reply to

    • bwaz
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    Re: 8.5 Audio Suite not opening

    Thanks Darin,

    That solves one problem, but brought up another. I was trying to use time compression/expansion and that worked fine. But, when I try a bunch of other plugins I get an error, no matter which tool has the problem, it's that same error message saying:

    Exception: AMPI subsystem error, ErrorMessage:Assertion in "..\..\ Sys\Win32\ Sys_VolumeWin32.cpp", line 237

    In the console, it's no more specific.


  • Fri, May 13 2016 3:43 PM In reply to

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    Re: 8.5 Audio Suite not opening

    I had the no pop up controls thing recently - support failed to nail it despite taking rempote control of my PC.  They blamed the DIY PC in teh end.  So I had to roll back a version to 8.4 and it has been fine ever since. Looks like it wasnt my DIY skills!

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  • Sat, May 14 2016 1:57 PM In reply to

    • BarkinMadd
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    Re: 8.5 Audio Suite not opening

    Blaming the DIY is a lame fall-back answer from the support team. The issue you describe is most certainly a bug in Media Composer (actually - it has since been identified as one from what I've been told - something to do with the window opening-up outside the visible range).

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  • Thu, Jun 16 2016 7:23 PM In reply to

    • JESvideo
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    Re: 8.5 Audio Suite not opening

    Thanks for this post Darin.

    I had the same issue. Tech support wanted me to start looking for a new PC or reinstall old versions!!. I followed your instructions and I also changed temporarily my two monitors set up to just one to find the floating box easily. and there it was that missig pop up window!. I guess it was hidden somewhere.  I also went ahead and restore to default the Workspace View That also helped.

  • Wed, Dec 20 2017 2:05 PM In reply to

    Re: 8.5 Audio Suite not opening

    I had this problem too and the Windows > Center Current has solved the issue for me.

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