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  • Sun, Aug 28 2016 8:28 AM

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    AMA and Link replaced by SOURCE BROWSER

    After searching for 6 hours, I found the replacement for AMA and LINK... heretofor apparently unknown by any human on the internet if you try a search.  :)

    Now I can finally start editing my XDCAM in 8?  (answered my own forum question but don't see how to delete the former question)

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  • Sun, Aug 28 2016 11:39 AM In reply to

    Re: AMA and Link replaced by SOURCE BROWSER

    The Source Browser is just an additional option, not a replacement.  It was announced in release notes and Avid blogs to show new features.  You can still link the old way, and I often still do exactly that.

    XDCamEX and XDCamHD have been editable in MC for years, and they still are.

    The source browser changes nothing about what formats can be edited.  It's just a different way to prepare your media, and a new way to select clips from a volume instead of having to link to the whole volume.

    What specific kind of XDCam media do you have?  There are some formats of XAVC - specifically, XAVC-S, that Sony continues to stubbornly refuse to support when they develop their plugin for Media Composer.

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    Re: AMA and Link replaced by SOURCE BROWSER

    Thanks and I appreciate your comments, however I've been cutting XDCAM footage on Avid for at least three years for CBS so it looks like the problem is a fundemental flaw with Avid's newer releases including 8.x

    To put it in perspective professionally, I've been cutting on Media Composer since 1995 -- pizza boxes, brick drives and all.  I've easily cut over 1000 shows on Avid with #1 ratings and 23 million live viewers to put it in perspective. Avid was my tool of choice without comparison. I was very vocal about my support because Avid deserved it when everyone else was poo-pooing them.  But because I am truth-based and want creative tools based on quality and creativity, I now must declare Avid appears to have lost the war.

    On these very blogs a few years ago, I had to defend Avid against Final Cut Pro 7 and was brutalized by Avid-hating FCP users so much that Avid moderators had to step in a remove the abuse.  So, I've proved my non-partisan loyalty endlessly when a product deserves it. But, there is virtually NO MORE WORK available on Avid, so in the last 5 months, I've cut 3 TV series on Premiere -- hating to have to. I completely blame Avid for the reality that they lost the market to FCP, and then to Premiere.

    But having been forced by Avid to upgrade to 8, lose my perpetual license in exchange for $10 a month savings (not to mention the loss of Software I thought I owned, hello), I am expecting Avid to out perform Premiere, which costs half as much monthly.  Avid doesn't any more. Premiere wins.  Hate to admit it.  Avid's reign appears to be over for story creators as the creative first go-to choice for storytelling. Play "Taps."

    Yesterday it was clear that Avid has lost the war. Having shot on XDCAM I brought back the footage and was able to instantly begin editing on Premiere.  Instant Chroma Key. Instant linking. But, because I used to creatively prefer Avid for my first 1000 shows -- I wanted to cut this on Avid.  Ain't gonna happen apparently.

    On Avid, I had to transcode for 11 hours, followed by an Avid system crash, and nothing is real-time.  Please don't mention AMA's. Never work.  Proxy files?  Don't have them this time so have to ingest. After 11 hours, rendering a simple key takes 3 minutes a clip.  And the Key is inferior, and takes far longer, and cannot be played realtime.  This is 1080p. Premiere is instant EVEN AT 4K!  Not Avid.

    Used to be, Avid was so fast you would edit faster than the machine and it would keep up with you.  It was LIGHTNING fast for storytellers and creative people.  If someone made a suggestion during a screening, used to be I would implement their change BEFORE THEY FINISHED THEIR SUGGESTION!  They'd stop talking, I'd press play and their change was live.  Really. 

    When FCP, followed by Premiere came in to steal Avid's users and attract new users, Avid dumbed down their interface with changes that even today make the system slower to navigate. It was horrible to see and reduced Avid's creative work speed by at least 50%.

    I've been saying this for years, having countless millions enjoy my work -- it's about the CREATIVE aspect of storytelling, and the technical stuff should be buried under the hood.  Avid excelled at that while FCP and Premiere were in your face so you had to be an AE as you edited.  Now, Avid is the same way unfortunately. I'm used to doing AE work since linear editing days on my own shows, but never on Avid until version 8.  

    Also, for the first 10 years using Avid, I NEVER read a manual or had a class because it was so intuative.  Now, it's harder than Premiere to do my own assist work for shows OTHER THAN multi-cam. It's not worth it because it's slower than Premiere for editing the first cut (except for multi-cam).

    And to be clear, no disrespect, "SOURCE BROWSER" is not listed on "WhatsNew_MediaComposer_v8.0" (but it is on 294 of the new manual.)


    I don't know what's going to happen next with non-linear, but maybe AR and VR will separate the men from the boys in NLE.






  • Mon, Aug 29 2016 1:11 AM In reply to

    Re: AMA and Link replaced by SOURCE BROWSER

    Comments about Avid and competitive ease of use aside for now (and I agree with a good portion of it, I have some major frustrations with Avid workflows with certain types of media and project workflows)... I'll try to address the specific issue at hand that you were trying to work around.

    I just remembered one hiccup in a recent release, which I wish would be posted more clearly, but I remember it being in some documentation somewhere - there was something in the MC 8.6 or 8.6.1 release that made the older XDCam plugin not work anymore.  To fix it, you need to install the new plugin from Sony HERE.  If you had XDCam media that worked in old versions, install the new plugin, and it'll work great again - whether you bring it in via the Source Browser, or the older ways of linking - Alt+dragging or the Link dialog.  All the same end result.

    The Source Browser would not be listed in the v8.0 document, because it was not in 8.0 - it was released in 8.6.  More on 8.6 features HERE, where details on all new releases are posted.

    Update your Sony plugin.  This might be all you need, and you can get back to flying along on Avid.

    Good luck!

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    Re: AMA and Link replaced by SOURCE BROWSER

    Update your Sony plugin.
    I agree as XDCAM HD and XDCam EX both work better here with the new Sony plug in, 8.6.1 and the Source Browser.

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    Re: AMA and Link replaced by SOURCE BROWSER

    Hi Ra. Your complaints are shared and understood by all of us. But as I was reading them, I couldn't help wanting to know your exact system setup, just in case we could relieve some of those woes by identifying some ways your system could be tweaked.

    I've been cutting on Avids forever too, so I know this'll  be a pain... but could you list for us your:

    CPU make/model, OS point release, exact MC version, video card model, and exactly what format project you're using? (1080p at what frame rate, and what transcoded codec?) Also what external drives you're using, how they're connected and formatted, and how full they are.

    I know a lot of that is elementary but I don't see it listed in your forum Community Profile under "View My Complete System Specs", so for all I know there could be some things we can fix.


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    Re: AMA and Link replaced by SOURCE BROWSER

    I appreciate everyone's comments.  And the update surely has helped. Bust just as I was ready to betray Avid and cut this piece on Premiere I did an A/B comparison of the results of a green screen key.  Avid, out of the box won hand's down.

    And the new auto ducking is a massive step forward towards incorporating more intelligence in editing engines to reduce the work of the storyteller.  Bravi.

    Here's the thing ... I am playing in AR, VR, VR 360°, AI controlled non-linear story-telling.  All of these are going to need a disciplined platform to edit on. The work of the editor in these multi-threaded modalities is going to be tremendous 10 years from now.  I/We want to see Avid as the continued standard. I hope they can put even more money into Media Composer software development because you can bet Adobe is on Premiere. The competition is good for NLE, me thinks.


    Cheers and thanks all

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    Re: AMA and Link replaced by SOURCE BROWSER

    Amen to that, I'm having the same feeling right now after a nightmarish "upgrade" to 8.8... AMA linking wasn't broken, why fix it with the useless source browser, which seems like just another attempt to appeal to users of other NLEs via the look and feel of what they're used to...


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