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    Yes [Y] Consistency Check Failure fix!

    I've run into the Consistency Check Failure error on a recent project and wanted to share my solution, as I see there are a few posts regarding this subject, with absolutely none of them providing a straight up fix.

    There's a bad tendency on these forums for questions regarding errors that Avid never fixes to just peter out. I can't tell you how many time's I've looked on these forums for guidance to a problem, only to realize that they last time it was brought up was several years ago. 

    I'm not sure if some of these problems are solved and just not followed up with, or they just never found a solution. In any case, I'm posting this so hopefully if you've run into, or end up running into this annoying error, you'll be able to move forward.

    Before I delve into my fix, I want to be clear that my issues was with video. Some people who experienced this error had it happen on audio files, but this solution should hopefully provide a fix for both. 

    To start, here's some background on my set up for this job.

    I was using MC 8.3.5 on a 2015 imac. However, rather than import directly in Avid, I used Davinci Resolve 11 to create offline DNxHD 40 and DNxHD 145 for the online. My source was footage from Sony FS5 and FS7s. 

    The reason why I went this route is that the camera men were amateurs, and wouldn't properly tape ID their footage. Davinci creates their own tape IDs upon transcode, which is why I chose it. If you're inheriting properly shot and logged footage, then this solution should also work for footage directly imported into Avid as opposed to using a third party software. The reason I believe this solution ultimately worked was because there was identical metadata between my offline and offline files.

    Throughout this year long production I had made numbered folders inside the Avid MedaiFiles folder, with each number corresponding to the shoot day, so I could easily trace back footage. 

    I was simultaneously creating a duplicate Avid Mediafiles folder with the online mxfs, so that come online prep time, I would just need to turn off one AvidMedia files folder and turn the other on.

    Once I inherited my locked timeline, all I got was the dreaded consistency check failure. This would plague 99% of my timeline, and nothing would playback. 

    Searching other forums had led me to believe that my media was corrupt , but I thought that was erroneous because maybe one or two clips could have been this way, I found it hard to believe, EVERY. SINGLE. ONE was. Besides, these mxfs would play fine when previewed with VLC and not show any errors. In the past when I've opened corrupt mxfs, VLC would also notice them.

    Something was clearly going on under the hood with Avid here.

    Trying to relink via avid's relink lead to the usual dead ends, so I thought I'd try and batch AMA one of the directories into a bin. At this point I figured I'd have to recut the entire 42 minute episode with each high res clip. However upon bringing everything in via batch AMA, Avid detected the AMAs and auto-relinked the entire sequence. 

    I went through it thoroughly to make sure no clips were skipped, and sure enough everything was pointing to the online AMA files.

    The Consistency Check Failure ceased to exist and the entire timeline played back without issue.  

    My guess is that via the ama plugin for mxf files, it was able to ignore these errors, or at least view them properly. I don't doubt that some people who face tihs issue might actaully have corrupt mxf files in some instances, but in any case this is what worked for me, and hopefully will work for others should they face a similar scenario. 




    Macbook Pro (mid 2012) 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Mountain Lion 10.8.1 

    MC W/Symphony 8.3

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