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  • Mon, Jan 16 2017 11:13 PM

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    "Avid Editor has stopped working" concern: driver issue??

    Three questions: (1)Recently installed MC8.6 and still just playing around with it (learning from MC7). Sometimes when I launch MC I get warning "Avid Editor has stopped working--Windows will try to find solution." Windows does its thing, can't find anything and shuts down MC. Sometimes when I get this problem I just hit "Cancel" Windows troubleshooting since it never finds anything and MC shuts down.  In both cases I try launching MC right away and so far it has launched fine the second time and works for short experiments I am doing. I can live with this inconvenience right now, but once I start doing real projects I am concerned I might get the "Avid Editor has stopped working" in middle of project and MC will shut down which will be more of an issue to me.

    Can I be assured that once MC successfully launches that it will then keep running ok in this situation (won't shut down in middle of project)??

    Second question: As feedback to Avid technical team and others, I should mention that when I installed MC8.7 the "configuration" documentation said to be sure and use Nvidia driver 353.82.  However, other documentation said to navigate to Utilities folder in Avid program and install driver in Nvidia folder--that driver is 362.13.  RalphC was helpful and relayed back that Avid technical team said "always install driver that comes with MC download" or in this case driver 362.13 instead of 353.82.  Right away after installing 362.13 I posted that "initial" indications were that 362.13 worked fine. Now I wonder if that driver has a slight glitch in it causing my problem??

    Third Question: My 27 inch monitor works fine with VGA output from ZBook but very poor picture when I try HDMI connection to monitor from ZBook--recognizing complexity of all the interactions could this be a driver issue?

    My OS is Win7 Pro 64 bit and installed on HP Zbook15 (older model) with Nvidia K2100M graphics.

    MC6.5.2 SYSTEM: Asus P6X58D Premium; Intel i7-930 2.8 Ghz; PNY FX1800 GPU;500 GB RAID 1 System Drives; 1 TB RAID 0 Media Drives; 12 GB triple channel RAM;... [view my complete system specs]
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