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  • Fri, Dec 8 2017 3:58 PM

    Video static, not black, in composer window after using Media Tool

    I am using Avid MC 8.8.5, iMac 27-inch, 3.5 GHz i& with 16 GB RAM, OSX 10.10.5 Yosemite; my media is on an external raided 15 TB OWC Mercury Elite Pro. I have been working on a documentary series for 10 months with almost no problems, and never have I seen the following problem:

    I needed to free up some space on my drive, so I used Media Tool to delete all “precomputes” (renders) from my project. I am absolutely sure that I only checked the "Precompute Clips (rendered effects)" box. This put what appeared to be many (over 10,000, almost a 1 TB) render files into the Media Tool bin; then I selected them all, and hit delete. Everything is fine, except now when playing back a sequence, when the playhead gets to a gap, where normally it would playback as black in the composer window, I get crazy static, sometimes full screen static, and sometimes mostly bright green with a little static at the top… did I somehow make this happen with Media Tool precompute deletion? Is there a fix? It doesn’t seem to affect performance at all, its just very freaky and unnerving.

    Oh and I just tested this: when doing a cross dissolve from or to black, it dissolves to and from static. Very weird. 

    The machine has been shut down and rebooted. No other clips are offline, nothing else seems to be wrong…. its as if i also deleted Avid’s “black gap” ability.

    Any ideas? Thanks, Josh

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    Re: Video static, not black, in composer window after using Media Tool

    Welcome Mr Pearson this is a weird one... are your frame rates the same?

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    Re: Video static, not black, in composer window after using Media Tool

    What happens if you Load Filler into Source Monitor?  Does Black load as normal??
    If so from the Timeline drop down menu Choose Refresh Sequence>All

    No luck then have you tried opening a  new sequence?   If no problem edit a few clips into it and see if you have the same issue.  If not then try editing your existing bad timeline into a new sequence.

    If the new timeline has the same issue then I would close MC.  Uninstall MC Reboot the system. Reinstall MC 8.8.5. Reboot the system.  Open the project and see if the issue remains.  (IMO the simplist way to replace any vital Precompute that somhow got deleted)

    Good luck

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