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  • Sun, Mar 11 2018 7:16 PM

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    Avoiding excess rendering - Audio effects

    Hi there,

    I've a question about temp sound design in Media Composer - (i like to try out a lot, even at the offline stage to see what works for story & for screenings etc)

    I find myself doing a lot of the "render, tweak, re-render" dance.

    I only know of 2 ways to avoid excess rendering when applying EQs, reverb, volume changes and so on:

    1. Keeping levels adjustments to the "Volume" tab in the mixer (keyframing), rather than using Shift+Option Up/Down in Clip Gain mode. (not a huge fan)


    2. Making & organizing mixdowns, while keepling the original clip in the timeline for sending to sound after picture lock.


    Does anyone have any other great tips for minimizing rendering? (I never did get on will with using track based effects like RTAS when they were around - i'd need too many tracks for that to work. Although it was great for sound cleanup)

    Is anyone using the Avid "Sound Design Suite" (looks cool, convenient) or AAX Plugins? Thoughts on those? And do those help re: rendering at all?

    What do the rest of you narrative feature editors do? Any blindingly obvious things i am missing here?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Avoiding excess rendering - Audio effects

     I’m curious as to the answers you get to your post, my workarounds are keeping a track free for real time track fx where I do the experiment in real time and then later transfer those parameters to the audio suite render plug-in on a audio segment.

    usefull for echo ,time shift reverbs,etc.

    another process is to use a global track effect (eq for example, to set the overall effect) and do tweeks with audio segment fx.

    example , noise reduction as track effect, with extra noise reduction segment effects where extra is needed.

    i run macros (keyboard maestro) to switch the mixer between keyframe audio and segment audio and to select the track for mixing , for example I have two keys on my multimedia keyboard which raise or lower the volume of my principal dialogue track by + or - 1db (I have a bunch of external key trigger devices now (xkeys) to run macros,as I’ve run out of keys on the keyboard.

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