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  • Tue, May 15 2018 8:21 PM

    Insert Edit with Trim-style ripple?

    I'm a fan of advanced trimming.  I love how I can keep my music / sfx / dialogue all synced up and still ripple my clips downward.  


    Is there any way to insert an edit from the source monitor, but control what clips get pushed?  The same way if I were to trim out a clip, I can select what happens with my sfx/music/VO?  

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  • Wed, May 16 2018 9:10 AM In reply to

    • TrevorA
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    Re: Insert Edit with Trim-style ripple?

    I think you want to look at sync locks (forward slashes between source and record tracks).

    Those enabled will retain sync downstream of an insert edit, those not enabled will stay at the same point. - first link that pops up on a google search

  • Thu, Jul 12 2018 5:45 PM In reply to

    Re: Insert Edit with Trim-style ripple?

    I'm going to make a little video showing what I mean.  It's a little difficult to explain but I'm fairly certain it's not already a feature.

    But, right now when you insert an edit, all of the sync-locked tracks push south toward dinner on the timeline.  

    When you TRIM, you can select multiple edit points, select A, B, or A/B trim, and you can have different tracks push south at different parts of the timeline, still locking sync on the edit.

    I'd like an insert edit mode that performs like this trim mode.  It'd be great if I could select edit points, like a trim, but then INSERT EDIT.

    This would prevent me from having to constantly fix and clean up all of my sound effects, music, and comps in complex edits.  

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    • Martin Fox
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    Re: Insert Edit with Trim-style ripple?

    My solution for this is to insert the new shot somewhere nearby that does the least damage to the rest of the timeline , and then using the insert segment tool to move the new shot to the desired position .

    Or use the “select clips to the right button” to open the timeline up and create a bit of Black to cut into.

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  • Tue, Jul 17 2018 5:23 PM In reply to

    Re: Insert Edit with Trim-style ripple?

    Thanks for the workaround idea.

    Only issue i have with the insert segment tool is it seems to only move things around the track its on, so my sfx and music are still all off. 

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