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  • Tue, Jun 5 2018 6:07 PM

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    4K RED files in HD Project

    Hi all,


    This is my first project editing RED footage in a HD 1920x1080 project.  I've already edited 3 scenes with the RED footage but before I go any further, and avoiding in catastrophe along the way, I would like to ask all the professionals here a few questions.  BTW, the first 3 scenes are fairly short so I just linked the RED files and start cutting from there (don't know if that's a smart move, but my workstation seems to be capale of handling it).  Running MC 2018.4

    1)  Are there any specific settings I need to be on the lookout for? 

    I checked my Source Setiing and feel like I should do something here, but I'm unsure.  The FrameFlex tab is what I'm most concerned about.  The footage when linked is filling the entire monitor, and seems kind of stretched.  There is 2 boxes I believe needs to be addressed and that's "SIZE MATCHES PROJECT RASTER" and "REFORMAT".  

    2) is there a specific workflow in regards to my project moving forward? 

    Since I linked all the RED files (conventional method would be to transcode first, but since this project is a freebie, I decided to experiment a little), should I just continue down this path?  Any possible issues that might rear it's ugly head?


    Thanks for taking the time everyone.

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    Re: 4K RED files in HD Project


    We tend to transcode to HD ProRes Proxy on Red projects, but if linking works for you it can be a good way to work.

    There are 2 things you really need to know:

    1. The raster size of the camera files - determined by the recording format selected, and the AR the DoP was working to - using frame guides on the camera.

    2. The output resolution and AR - in this case it sound like 1920 x 1080 and 16:9.

    The 2 ARs should be the same, but the raster size often varies.

    When linking or transcoding, use these Source settings:

    Linked Plug-in can usually be left to "Camera Metadata" so the ISO, Colour temp, gamma etc are as used for on set monitoring.

    FrameFlex: Frameflex aspect ratio should be set to 16:9 assuming that's what you want for an HD finish. Other settings [1.85, 2.39] would need to be letterboxed in an HD 16:9 container. Reformat would usually be set to center crop, unless you are doing a punch-in.



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    Re: 4K RED files in HD Project



    Thanks for taking the time to respond.  Much appreciated!


    In regards to the FrameFlex tab, I have a few questios.  I've attached an image of my current FrameFlex setting. 


    The Raster Dimension, image size are identical, and the image aspect ratio is 2.40:1.  Nigelad, are you stating that on the FrameFlex box below, that my Frame aspect ratio should be 16:9 and not set to custom (2.40:1)?

    Should "Size matches project raster" be check or left alone?

    On "Reformat" it's on stretch, but I believe it should be set to "pillarbox/letterbox".


    On that note, the image I've attached are the setting I've been editing my files to.  If for instance, my settings are incorrect, would I then have to match frame back the linked files, apply the correct FrameFlex setting, and edit that all back in the timeline for every clip?  If so, is there a global selection to apply those setting in the timeline?


    Thanks again!!


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