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    Timewarp changes start frame

    I created a new seqence and loaded a clip into the preview window. I then added IN/OUT markers and spliced the selected footage into the timeline. I then promoted the motion effect to Timewarp. When increasing the speed, the frame that is now shown is actually the last one in the preview window, well past the end of the out marker I used to splice. Why is it that the Timewarp effect is pulling from the preview window? I unhighlighted the preview window channel in the timeline when adding the effect. It would seem that what I see in the timeline isn't necessarily what I'm editing. What am I doing wrong here? I just want to speed up the selection in the timeline.

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    Re: Timewarp changes start frame

    It makes sense as the duration of the clip is set in the timeline, and the speed of what you are filling that clip with determines what's inside of that duration.

    Not sure this is available in First, but try to do the following:

    Load your source clip into the Source Monitor, then choose Tools->Motion Effect Editor. Set the desired speed, hit Create. This should create a motion effects clip and auto-load that into the source monitor. This clip will have the beginning and end as you selected in the Source Monitor, and the speed you selected, so the duration will be different. Splice this clip into your sequence.

    Since the source-side Motion Effect has fewer rendering options, you may want to park on the effect in the Timeline, open Motion Effect Editor again, and hit Promote; that will turn the 'classic' source-side motion effect into a TimeWarp effect.

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