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  • Mon, Nov 12 2018 11:18 AM In reply to

    • Ilja
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    Re: 2018.8 waveforms painfully slow



    I have moved my project local and footage is on external drive.

    This and installing update 2018.9 did work form me.

    Now I only need to delete waveform cache when avid gets slow again from time to time.

    It's really unpredictable when that happens.


    Hope it helpes.


  • Tue, Nov 13 2018 4:58 PM In reply to

    Re: 2018.8 waveforms painfully slow



    Thanks for the tip! We ended up changing the audio setting on the media cache to the lowest level possible (we had it turned up pretty high thinking that would help with the issue, but may have actually been creating it in the first place). Seems that was slowing us down a lot and so far that change seemed to have helped. We also deleted the waveform cache as you suggested, which I think helps as well.


    Thanks again!

  • Wed, Nov 14 2018 7:39 PM In reply to

    • Spencer
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    Re: 2018.8 waveforms painfully slow

    YES! Thanks for the tip of moving the project to a local drive, I feel like my performance has improved a bit since I did that.

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  • Mon, Feb 25 2019 3:48 PM In reply to

    • JesusPM
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    Re: 2018.8 waveforms painfully slow

    Hi everyone,


    Has any of the latest MC 2018 updates fixed this issue?


    I went through all the Media Composer ReadMe documents from version 2018.8 to 2018.12.1 and there is not a single mention about this as a known Limitation (unfortunately, neither as a Fixed problem).


    I'm sorry but the workaround of moving the project to a local drive is not an option when you need to collaborate and use Avid bin locking.


    We are facing similar issues on a feature film project with the following configuration:

    macOS High Sierra 10.13.6

    Avid Media Composer 2018.8 (we also tried MC 2018.9 but the situation didn't improve much after the update) 

    Retina iMacs 27" with Flash drive and 32GB of RAM


    BTW, I noticed that most people affected by this in the thread are Mac users... I wonder if this might have something to do with the new APFS introduced in High Sierra?


    Anyway, we are seriously considering to roll back to MC 8.10 and downgrade to OSX El Capitan 10.11.6. So if someone could confirm wether this is still an ongoing issue in the latest 2018.x iterations that would be very helpful.  Thanks in advance,



  • Wed, Apr 17 2019 12:39 PM In reply to

    • Momas
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    Re: 2018.8 waveforms painfully slow

    mac pro 6.1 6core 32gb ram, high sierra, mc 18.12.1 / 18.12.2 / 18.12.3 & mac pro 5.1 12core 10gb ram 18.12.1


    its not possible to work in a timeline over 15min with waveforms on. they refresh the whole time, i get the pizaa of death.

    sometime i spend more than a hour to wait for waveforms.

    it was never great to work with waveforms in avid mc, but it was ok for version 8. but since the try of a real time timeline its not possible to edit longer formats with waveforms on. thats sad and i realy hope it will better with mc2019.


    im also avidteacher in germany and i dont know what i say to my students when they ask, why its like that?
    i understand them that they like to go back to there premiere/fcpx/resolve ...
    plz avid. do something. like premiere caches all the waveformes in the refresh each time i open up the timeline or only zoom in and out and i have to stop working for minutes, somtimes 10 minutes only wayting.
    its ok when they dont show up immediately, but that i can not work the whole time and after its created the waveform that mc is not have this saved for the future ... sad and unacceptable for a editingtool.

    sry to say this. but today i waited already more than 40min for my reels to show waveform to check which are senseless..... 

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  • Wed, Apr 17 2019 8:51 PM In reply to

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    Re: 2018.8 waveforms painfully slow


    Do you get any kind of error message at all?  Do you get crash logs when it beachballs?   What exact version of High Sierra?

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