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  • Sun, Oct 14 2018 10:12 PM

    • MaxXavier
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    Prepare footage for an editor. I'm lost.


    Please forgive my ignorance, I've very little knowledge on this subject. I have to deliver footage to an editor who will be working in AMC, and they've requested that the footage be transcoded and the audio synced.

    I do not have AMC, nor have I ever used it. I have used FCP7/X for some small personal projects, but I am by no means an experienced editor. I've also never prepared and delivered footage to an editor before.

    I have:
    - video clips in XF-AVC codec, 2k, 23.98, bt.709, 4:4:4 12 bit, Canon Log 2
    - audio files: 3 tracks per take (lav, lav, boom) as 3 separate wav files

    The editor would like the footage transcoded to ProRes 422HQ with the audio synced. It is important that they are able to access each individual track of audio because we had some lav issues on some takes.

    Honestly, I don't know where to begin. I know how to transcode in either FCPX or Compressor, and I know how to sync audio in FCPX or PluralEyes. What I don't know, however, is how to combine the two in a deliverable way that will work well for AMC.

    My one thought, and advice I got on an FCPX forum, is to create a project for each clip in FCPX, sync the audio tracks there, and then export to ProRes 422HQ Multitrack files. But, I am not certain that those files will properly import into AMC with the multiple audio tracks, if that makes sense.

    I understand that it makes the life of the editor easier, especially without an assistant editor, but I would figure that the only logical way to do this would be via AMC itself. Is there a way outside of what I described to deliver this footage properly? I also got advice to download the free AMC and prepare there, but I wouldn't have the slightest clue how to use it.

    Thank you for your patience and help. I understand that I am likely asking some very basic or stupid questions. I'm just lost here.

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    • Martin Fox
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    Re: Prepare footage for an editor. I'm lost.

    I would do as you suggest sync in the edit machine you know and transcode to prorez with all the audio tracks in synce . Do a few short examples and send them to the editor and ask if what you have processed is appropriate.

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    Re: Prepare footage for an editor. I'm lost.


    I would advise not sending the editor anything except for a hard drive with the raw media on it. The only people prepping media for an edit should be pro Editors or pro Assistant Editors. Otherwise the editor will be spoending more time fixing and figuring out.

    Or hire someone to do it for you.

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    Re: Prepare footage for an editor. I'm lost.

    Trying to do a crash course in Media Composer is likely to end badly. If you already know FCPX then do your sync and transcode in that, and send the editor the transcodes. I don't know FCPX, but make sure you're not mixing down the audio tracks when you transcode.

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    • wkumingo
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    Re: Prepare footage for an editor. I'm lost.

    I second Martin Fox and DStone. Sync the clips however you know how to. Avid can handle multitrack ProRes files just fine. Send a short test clip to the editor or test the clips yourself with your new free version of Avid. (Hint: use the Source Browser to Link to the MOV files.)

    If it were me, I'd want the raw footage for myself but to each their own!

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