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  • Tue, Nov 13 2018 6:03 PM

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    Please clarify for my own sanity...

    We are working on two TV shows that are being shot with four cameras w/ CCU's, dual system audio/video. Cameras are locked to house sync, so is the audio. The issue here is they are recording the iso'ed cameras to AJA KiPro recorders without a reference tone or color bars. (Eyeball levels) That's for starter... Then they are arguing that the digital audio should be recorded at 0db (on a digital VU Meter) I tried to explaing that digital audio should be referenced at -20 with 1k tone at +4 with occasional peaks at -6db as per delivery guidelines.  I am told by these (um) house engineers there is no need for bars and tone, and would make no difference, whom are continuing to record audio at -6db and peaking at 0db; which is causing playback distortion on my speakers (Neumann KH 120-A Monitors) They claim that the speakers are the problem (Neuman doesn't make good speakers) and had me remove the speakers from the editbay and replace them with a less quality speaker. (problem solved) I tried to explain that they were hitting a Mackey 1204 mixer with a hot +4 signal in a attenuated mic input; that was causing the distortion problem.
    NO! I'm wrong...
    Im starting to feel a bit crazy and I feel that I have lost my F@#$ mind. Mind you that I have worked in the Los Angeles market for more that 40 years as a film/video editor and recording engineer. Now my job is on the line for bringing this matter up. Welcome to Miami.

    Please help me feel better about all of this...

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    Re: Please clarify for my own sanity...

    Digital audio tone is -20DB full scale. Dialog is around -14DB and loud dialog is around -10DB (and if you're pushing heavy metal or ground shaking explosions, peaks are about -6DB). All of which you already know. The "engineers" are starting where the music peaks.

    I can't think of a broadcaster who would accept these shows. No reference tone, no color bars, and bad audio = no broadcast.

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