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  • Fri, Jan 15 2010 3:33 AM

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    Differences Between 24P Film Project and 1080/24P Film Project

    Currently about to start a feature film shooting 35mm and edit in Avid Nitris DX with the DNXHD codec.

    1. First question is obviously what are the differences between the SD 24P project and an HD 1080/24P Project?

    2. On Regular film projects we get DVCAM Downconverts with burn in TC for both 29.97 and 24 is this the same for HD or do you just receive a 24 Burn in TC with your HDCAM?

    3. Can you still make DVDs in a 1080/24P Project in real time with a Recordable DVD Player as you can in a 24P Project?

    (just like the old days when you would make VHS Output ha)

    4. When you bring in Audio from BWF is it still 30 ND 48K or something different?

    5. What are the bugs with This System if any?

    As far as I can tell between the two projects everything should be the same except for the picture looks very different but if anyone has any thoughts please let me know.





  • Fri, Jan 15 2010 8:21 AM In reply to

    Re: Differences Between 24P Film Project and 1080/24P Film Project

    1. One is for SD, one is for HD. In SD 24p, the source timecodes are going to be either 29.97 or 25fps (NTSC or PAL tapes, telecine or downconversions). By the way, you can switch between them. When you're in a 24p SD project, you can flip the format to a 24P HD project. Mind you that there's also 23.976p SD and 23.976 HD projects.

    2. If the film is being transferred to HDCAM, that should be done at either 24.00p or 23.976p. So there would be not 29.97 timecode in that mix.

    3. Since v4, in an NTSC environment, you can get an NTSC downconversion on the SD outputs of your DX box. But you can also simply flip the project switch to SD, and play out to DVD. Realtime.

    4. Can be 30ND, AFAIK, but it's much easier to start using 24TC throughout.

    5. I think it's a pretty solid workflow, but will admit I work in a PAL environment, and therefore have no actual experience with it, just the information I gather here and elsewher. Sure someone else will chime in.


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