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  • Mon, Jan 23 2006 10:55 PM

    Using Extenders

    We are looking at remodeling our facility and are interested in pursuing moving all CPUs and I/Os (a mix of PC Adrenaline and Mac Meridian) from the edit suites to our machine room. Has anyone had luck using extenders for monitor & keyboard, and running audio cabling for speakers?

    We're looking at maximum lengths and any issues you may have found.

    Thanks in advance!
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    -- Kevin

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    Re: Using Extenders

    We are currently using two different extenders on PC Adrenalines (HP XW8000s).

    Gefen 6000 carries two monitors, USB, RS 232 and audio over three CAT5 cables.  Video quality is excellent, you wouldn't know you had the extender on.  Keyboard / Mouse plugs into the USB via an adapter, again works very well.  We don't use the RS 232 as all the VTR remote patching is in the machine room.  The only weak point with the Gefen is the audio, even for just monitoring the PC audio out it's pretty unuseable.  It seems to have a noise gate in it which comes in and out with a thump.  Would suggest that you run audio separately.

    Adderlink Dual carries two monitors, keyboard and mouse over two CAT5 cables. After an initial problem with a  green / pink shadow half way across the frame which was cured by a firmware upgrade video quality is again very good, keyboard and mouse no issues.  Lack of USB is an issue as it makes it harder to add a CD drive in the suite.

    We are only running about 50metres on the longest run but you should be able to go much further than that.  I wouldn't want to run speaker cables for that length, but you should be able to run line level balanced audio to powered speakers using decent cabling  with no issues.



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