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  • Wed, Jan 25 2006 10:39 AM

    AVID MCA out of sync

    I would like to submit an issue that were facing at the moment with the use of  our Adrenaline Media composer 1.6.

    It’s a PAL/625 project in which we acquire a low quality video (20:1) from a Sony MSW-A2000P Vtr.

    After the editing is finished all the video is discarded to be replaced back with a high quality video using the batch digitize item.

    Only audio is kept.

    By the end of the process we recognize a “out of sync” of 6 or 12 frames between audio and the new video.

    Please note that  the Time code is always correct but the video which used to be in sync eventually goes out.

    We’ve been talking to the Avid dealer in Rome who suggested to load M.C.A. version 2.1.8 to the Work station.

    We even reloaded the Windows 2000 O.S.

    Eventually we changed the Sony MSW-A2000P with a new one but nothing  fixed the problem.

    We think that this problem may be dued to the kind of Vtr in use matched with the template selected among the ones loaded in the Workstation.

     I’m sending a table with all the templates and their main features that I’ve found in the utilities menu as attached file.

    This issue only appears with the Sony MSW-A2000P while it doesn’t  happen when the Vtr in use is a Panasonic AJ-D455E DVC.

    What seems to be weird is that we have several templates for the Sony MSW-A2000P  and some of them have different, or missing features for the same VTR (refer to the table attached).

    Let me tell you that we only change the Vtr and use the same project always in the same manner when we face this problem.

    This only seems to happen with the Sony MSW-A2000P.

    I’ve been to the Avid Media Composer Adrenaline Support Centre doc n. 8927 created the 12/22/05, finding that the Sony BVW – 10 supports digital cut. Actually it is a player only!

    It makes me wonder.


    I really look forward to hearing from you.


    Best regards.


    Roberto Antonucci


    RAI-Radiotelevisione Italiana

    Laboratorio Manutenzione Apparati e Impianti CSS

    Via Salaria 1041-1043

    00138 Roma


    tel. +39.06.36868212

    mobile +39.337.201314

    fax +39.06.36868291

    e-mail r.antonucci@rai.


    p.s. I'm tryng to send you also the attached file but the system say to me that it is impossible.

    Please tell me how I can send it you, thanks









  • Wed, Jan 25 2006 1:10 PM In reply to

    Re: AVID MCA out of sync

    Roberto:  PLEASE DO NOT create multiple posts for the exact same issue.  If you do not get an answer, simply reply to your own post and type "bump" to move your post back to the top of the stack.  Two and three postings containing identical content makes it very difficult for us to help you.  Stick to one thread for one topic so we can track your problem from original post to a solution.  This is an accepted rule that we all play by.
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  • Wed, Jan 25 2006 3:21 PM In reply to

    Re: AVID MCA out of sync

    Yes, please follow Larry's suggestion. I am deleting the duplicates posts in this forum.
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  • Wed, Jan 25 2006 4:33 PM In reply to

    Re: AVID MCA out of sync

    I guess this a not a problem with your deck.

    It´s an AVÌD issue and it´s NO BUG. It have something to do with little TC breaks on your video tapes.


    For this you have to know, how TC breaks are handled by Avid. Avid stopps digitizing only after recognising a TC break bigger than 6 frames.

    So, Avid starts digitzing, takes the start TC from the tape and simply count it forward. If you have TC breaks under 5 frames, Avid will not stop. Your AVID TC starts to mismatch with your tape TC. If you have long clips, if you start digitising "on the Fly" (without Mark In), the chances are big, that at the end of you digitzing you have a TC mismatch of a few frames.

    Later you want to batch digitize. You decompose only the video. Your video will now be digitized frame accurate. So, if you have some TC mismatch between Avid TC and tape TC, your high-res-video will be out of sync with your audio.

    If you batch digitize video + audio your "mismatched" clips will be delayed a few frames. The only help is trimming them back and for the next time when you´re editing with low-res material and you are sure that batch digize is following: digitize shorter clips and never on the fly, every time with MarkIn-pont.

    I dont know if I´m right, perhaps you have another problem with your deck, but I experienced myself this TC "mismatch" problems.



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  • Wed, Jan 25 2006 4:44 PM In reply to

    Re: AVID MCA out of sync

    are you logging clips before caputre or letting the entire tape capture all at once?

    Does the tape have continuous timecode?

    Are you using timecode for the pre-roll or Control track?

    if you find one of you original 20:1 clips and load it in the source monitor and cue to a specific timecode, then cue the tape to the same timcecode do the images match? 

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