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  • Wed, Jun 15 2011 3:29 PM

    • Roody
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    Avid > Sorenson Squeeze Interlace Issue

    Hi Peeps.

    Try to explain this one as best I can...

    Ok... have a piece of Sony Z7 interlaced footage (1080/50i)
    Take into and edit in an Avid MC5 1080/50i HDV project.
    No motion effects, just color, export from Avid as m2t file (export to hdv device command)
    Take into Sorenson Squeeze and encode as a .flv file with the Interlace settings set to: Interlaced Video > Top field 1st...

    Why then is the encoded video (viewed in adobe media player) full of combing throughout?...
    something you'd expect to see if somewhere along the line settings had been cocked up with field dominance, or an interlace/progressive mix up etc... etc...

    Just cant see what i'm missing in the chain...

    interlaced video > interlace edit/project > interlaced encode settings = terrible combing all over video?... when it should be a nice smooth looking piece of video footage...



  • Wed, Jun 15 2011 7:20 PM In reply to

    Re: Avid > Sorenson Squeeze Interlace Issue

    If your end file is an FLV I believe you will have to de-interlace.

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  • Wed, Jun 15 2011 7:34 PM In reply to

    • RUD ONE
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    Re: Avid > Sorenson Squeeze Interlace Issue

    Are you viewing the file on a computer monitor? Progressive?

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    Rud One - Milwaukee, WI

  • Wed, Jun 15 2011 7:47 PM In reply to

    • herr68
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    Re: Avid > Sorenson Squeeze Interlace Issue

    Hi Roody,


    Try exporting as a QuickTime Reference rather than an m2t file. Just point sorenson at the .mov file created by the the QT ref and follow the same steps in Sorenson again.


    As a double check, you are using the de-interlacing settings within the filter tab on Sorenson? Make sure you use 'discard field' rather than 'adaptive'. You can always check the de-interlacing results in the Sorenson monitor...just move the a & b tabs left and right to see the changes implemented by the interlace filter.


    One other thought if this doesn't work...a couple of years ago, I had some fairly serious combing effects going on with footage from a Z7. However this was caused by aliasing problems within the camera itself...the artifacts presenting themselves when there were a lot of 'thin' lines in the frame (ie thin lines on a shirt).


    Anyway, good luck!



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  • Fri, Jun 17 2011 8:22 AM In reply to

    • Roody
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    Re: Avid > Sorenson Squeeze Interlace Issue

    Hi All

    Sorry for delayed response, been away from office...

    James -

    Sorry, the end file I am after is Flash, but not the .flv variant (my mistake)
    its the mp4 flash9 video (available in Squeeze 6) and destination
    is for both streaming and progressive server downloads/streams.

    If this makes any difference (its a new-ish format for encode to me)
    But under the settings tab/options (NOT THE FILERS SECTION) it has
    settings for Video Interlace Mode - Interlaced Video OR Progressive

    RUD ONE -

    All being viewed on your average office PC monitors or vareying kinds
    but we encode various video files here, flv, wmv, QT... all a mixture
    of interlaced and prog video.. just seems to be this flash mp4 variant that
    shows up such bad combing on inter video... prog video is of course a-ok on it.

    her68 -

    Will try the QT Reference route.
    Again see above, interace settings are NOT beign applied in the Filters section
    and I do not want to discard any fields due to quality loss, what I want is some
    nice smooth looking interlaced video, maybe it is this flash9 mp4 variant??.. but
    like said... it has Interlaced Mode options on the settings tab???...

    As for the Sony Z7... rapidly going off of it for several reasons... ;-P

    Thanks All


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