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  • Fri, Jul 22 2011 10:55 AM

    Assistant Editor roles and responsibilties

    I've just taken on the role of Asst Editor on a major UK TV show starting in 9 days using Avid. I've never used Avid but have 10 years experience editing in FCP. Sounds a bit mad to take such a position but having been looking for a "way in" to TV work for a long time with little success I just couldnt turn down the opportunity.


    Can anyone outline the responsibilities of an Asst Editor in Avid, workflows (using HDcam-Tape) links to relevant tutorials etc? Any help at all would be very, very gratefully received!


    Thanks in advance



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    Re: Assistant Editor roles and responsibilties


    In a very general sense, the assistant editor captures material and organizes it for the editor.  How that's going to work in the production you're working on is going to be hard for anyone outside the production to answer.  Maybe the HDCAM machine is in the same room as the edit suite, or maybe it's in a machine room.  Maybe your editor will only want bins full of material, or maybe they'll want sequences of everything, or maybe they'll want sequences of the best takes only.  Hopefully all of this will be explained to you early in the process.

    In the meantime, have a look at the Media Composer getting started tutorials, which will help you get familiar with the interface and the general workflow:



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    Re: Assistant Editor roles and responsibilties

    Hi MR

    Wow that's a brave move!

    Contact VET ( and speak to training. We do a new Avid Ingest and export course which is specifically aimed at some of the Avid tasks you'll be expected to know.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Assistant Editor roles and responsibilties

    Matt -- Awesome of you to overreach.  I dig it when folks lie, and then work their asses off to turn the lie into a truth before anyone notices.  I did the same thing and it got me a gig that landed Spielberg's attention.  Very cool -- but now it's on you to make it happen!

    Every Assistant Editor role is different because of the diverse needs of the Editor and/or the production.  So go to the meetings early.  Bring notes and transcribe everything they say.  If you need assistance while on the gig, please post it here or email me directly through my website

    And don't worry much -- Media Composer may look crazy complex at first but you'll only be using at max 20% of its power in the Assistant's chair.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Assistant Editor roles and responsibilties

    I'm in the process of doing exactly the same thing - 3 weeks into the edit now!


    Honestly didn't find instructional videos that helpful - I installed the 30 day trial at home, got some media from an old project and messed around doing typical assistant-style tasks I would do in FCP, most fundamental topics to get done in my opinion are:


    0) Understanding the 'Media Creation' tool (Scratch disk settings in FCP)

    1) Add clips to a project using import and AMA and understand the difference between them (Import = avid specific, AMA = FCP method pretty much)

    1b) Capture media from a tape 

    2) Consolidate media from one drive to another (Media Manager, kinda)

    3) Select/delete/consolidate clips/precomputes using Media Tool (Precomputes = render files, this has no FCP equivalent)


    4) Roundtrip an ALE file to excel (Batch Lists in FCP, very helpful for tape formats)

    5) Transfer a Bin from one project to another (All done at OS level in Avid)

    6) Export a low res reference file with BITC


    Bonus points -  some random stuff that caught me out at first...


    1) Set up the colour correction Toolset to display scopes

    2) Set up the Full Screen Playback toolset so it displays on your second monitor as default

    3) Mix frame rates on the timeline and add effects to both of them (Takes some fiddling with the Motion Effects Editor tool)


    And get really really fast at using google Stick out tongue

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