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  • Sun, Jan 18 2015 5:15 PM

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    Relink AMA Files when Source directory changed


    I have a large production underway - I have a substantial number of AMA files imported which have been successfully transcoded to DNxHD inside Avid using the background service - this is a great feature - so well done Avid

    But the transcodes caused the master project disk (3TB) to full up beyond my somewhat inaccurate calculations so I have been forced to move all the original footage to a back up / removable disk.

    This is fine for immediate editing as the transcodes are all still available inside MC but the ama files (all nicely stacked away in an AVID folder in case they need to be called upon) - are now all media all media off line -

    obviously because I have moved the source files away from where they were linked from.

    The directory structure on the backup drive is exactly the same as the original source file. 


    Is it a potential problem that the AMA files are now offline if everything has been transcoded and I dont really need to use these original files unless there is an emergency

    Is there a way to batch reconnect the AMA files to the original source files once they have been moved - there are literally hundreds if not thousands of them and they have come in via different AMA plugins SOny XDCAMEX folder plugin, Canon AVCHD MTS File import and Autodetect AMA link for DNXHD mov files 

    I dont mind doing them folder by folder but certainly not file by file.


    I supose I could just delete the AMA files now and re-ama link them as there is now not really a connection between the original ama file and the transcoded and then if the transcode file goes wonly I could just re-transcode to the same name - do you think the link will be maintained or will this be seen as a new file? 

    Any assistance in this would be greatly appreciated 




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  • Sun, Jan 18 2015 9:36 PM In reply to

    Re: Relink AMA Files when Source directory changed

    With most files, especially volumes like XDCamEX, AVCHD, and a few others, if you AMA Link to a folder/volume in its new place, its clips in the bin will relink all at the same time.  However, be careful - if you have added AUX Timecode to clips, you will lose that AUX Timecode - that's a bug I've noticed, and it has persisted through several versions.  So, keep that in mind before you do this.  If that doesn't apply to you, then go ahead.

    Other than that, you should be able to link to each folder/volume - whether in a new bin, or the same bin - and the clips should all simply relink to the new location.  As an added bonus, the "source file" and "source path" info in the transcoded clips will show the new AMA locations as well.

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