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    Avid NEXIS - Top 3 FAQ’s

    Listed below are the top 3 questions on Avid NEXIS.

    Q1. I see Avid is selling Avid NEXIS | PRO multi-packs. Can these be sold multiple end user customers, or must they be sold to a single end user?

    A1. The multi-pack can be sold to multiple customers. Each Avid NEXIS PRO of the multi-pack can be registered to a separate MyAvid account. However, remember the real advantage for Avid and channel partners is to sell multiple Avid NEXIS PRO units to each customer. Adding units increases bandwidth and increases productivity, allowing customers to deliver more great content faster.

    Q2. Avid NEXIS v7.2 now supports TLS (Transport Layer Security) for Active Directory (LDAP) synchronization of uses account authorization. Is there any setup required?

    A2. Avid NEXIS will default to TLS if supported by the LDAP server, no specific configuration is required on Avid NEXIS. However, please note that TLS requires the DOMAIN NAME of the network to be correctly configured. Domain name was not strictly checked with earlier Avid NEXIS versions, customers may see connectivity issues if the domain name is entered incorrectly.

    Q3. Is there any upgrade considerations when installing Avid NEXIS v7.2?

    A3. Avid NEXIS v7.2 has added interface checking related to redundant configurations and requires that the default gateway is reachable and pingable from the 10Gigabit Ethernet interface(s).  If the default gateway is not reachable the interface is disabled. This can cause the Avid NEXIS Engine or SDA to be disconnected from the network. Therefore Avid recommends checking that the default gateway can be pinged from Avid NEXIS before upgrading to Avid NEXIS v7.2.  Reminder, Avid does not support reverting to an earlier release, do not downgrade, and resolve the connectivity issue to avoid this symptom.

    This release includes important updates for Avid NEXIS customers. Please share with your customers that version 7.2.0 is the recommended software for all Avid NEXIS systems including Avid NEXIS | E2, E4, E5 and Avid NEXIS | PRO. Please be aware that Avid NEXIS v5.x and v6.x are no longer recommended or supported. Be sure to share with customers that Avid NEXIS | PRO firmware 4.1.16d is an important update that resolves a system log collection issue.

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