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    Re: Best way to handle this interlacing issue?

    Thanks Jef,

    I do have a little JVC tm910su but not an I/O box, and have been trying to go through a firewire deck to go out to it, but have not yet been able to see an output from Avid.  Still in the process of that.  Is a box necessary to get an output?

    I am working on getting a proper monitor as well rather than a Vizio HDTV.

    The project is almost done.  I'll experiment further with the settings on the timewarp effect and see if the line artifacts in those clips improve.  If not, as a workaround, it might be necessary to redo the clips and add the effect outside of Avid and bring them back in.   There are only about six or seven short clips of that.  The DVD itself deinterlaced fine, the problem now is just in those particular clips.

    It has been an intentional challenge tackling such a long (2 hours) and technically complicated project in Avid, using an unfamiliar program and workflow (AMA and offline editing). Rather giving up again and going back to a familiar program.  Just to challenge myself to stick with it, both to force myself to learn Avid and also to point out the gaps in technical knowledge. Because it's the thing you don't know that you don't know that nails you every time. 

    I was planning for a marathon although it's been a bit more like being dragged by a truck.  But all in all, it's been a great experience that has definitely made me exponentially stronger as an editor.  I'm willing to endure some lost sleep and a collective eye-roll from the board (perhaps earned) in order to get it right and to be a solid editor.  So a big thank you to you and to everyone out there, in this thread and everywhere on the board, for taking the time to post your experience and solutions.


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