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  • Tue, Jan 16 2018 9:41 PM

    Media Composer 2018.1 NOW AVAILABLE 16 JAN 2018

    Media Composer v2018.1 Released Tuesday, January 16th.   It is available in My Avid, AppMan and the Download Center (login and password required).

    Media Composer Versioning :  The version number scheme Avid uses for the editing application has changed.  Starting with this release, the editing application version numbers will use the year followed by the month.  

    Location:  Media Composer v2018.1 will be available from My Avid Master Accounts, Application Manager, and the Avid Download Center (login and password required) today. 

    Installer:  There is a Media Composer v2018.1 Mac and v2018.1 Win Installer.    

    Patch - There are NO Patch Installers.  

    READ THIS FIRST BEFORE INSTALLING   Very Important NewBlue Information:  Media Composer v2018.1 we require a new version of NewBlue Titler Pro and NewBlue Amplify.  We have been working with NewBlue on getting these updates but we don’t expect to have the new installers for NewBlue Titler Pro and NewBlue Amplify until sometime  Wednesday January 17th, 2018. If any customers are using NewBlue Titler Pro and /or NewBlue Amplify, they need to wait for the update which should be tomorrow. If they DO run the current NewBlue Titler Pro or NewBlue Amplify with Media Composer v2018.1, they'll get a watermark.  

     What’s New:    The following are new for Media Composer v2018.1:

    • Mappable Quick Find Button - With this release, the Quick Find button can be mapped to a key.
    • Exporting Separate WAV Files per Track  With this release, you can export each audio track in the Timeline as a separate WAV file.

      What’s Fixed The following have been fixed in v2018.1:

    • Bug Number: MCDEV-8705. In the previous release, automatic color adapters were not applied for REC2020/HLG. With this release, the correct color transformations have been included. In addition, a few minor name changes have been made to the Source Color Space Preset dropdown menu.
      • Rec2020 (SMPTE 2084) has been renamed to Rec2020/PQ
      • Rec 2020 (HLG) BT2100 has been renamed Rec2020/HLG
    • Bug Number: MCCET-2228. In some instances, you could not drag sequences to the Source monitor from the Production Management Window.
    • Bug Number: MCDEV-6253. (Mac) When in Bin Text View, you might have seen a horizontal row of black or artifacts in the bin when resizing bins.
    • Bug Number: MCDEV-8604. In some instance’s bins appeared larger when you undocked them from a tabbed position.
    • Bug Number: MCDEV-8407. When working in a Japanese OS, characters might have appeared corrupted in the Source Settings window.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-2185. When in the Effect Editor, pressing the period key on the keyboard would reset the slider value to 0. This happens because the period key can be used to type in decimal point values to move sliders, or as a mapped keyboard command (Trim Right 1). If you want to use the period to enter a decimal point value, make sure to enter a numeric number before the period. For example, to move the slider .4, enter 0.4. If you press the period without first entering a number, the mapped keyboard command is implemented.


    Current Limitations:  The following are known limitations in v2018.1

    • Bug Number: MCDEV-8037. If you start a Long GOP capture on an AirSpeed system with ab data track and without specifying a duration (a “crash record”), send to playback from Assist or Media Composer of a sequence using this in-progress clip might fail with the status of Canceled when TMF export should begin.
      • Workaround: Specify a duration for the capture, turn off ancillary data for the capture, or use the STP Encode service.
    • Bug Number: COGS-2560. While working in the Script Window, text operations (cut/copy/paste/delete/editing) can only be done in edit mode. See “Editing a Script” in the Help.
    • Bug Number: MCDEV-5650. When working with Panasonic LongG media, you might receive an “SFPlayConsumer Timeout” error if audio waveforms are enabled.
      • Workaround: Turn off audio waveforms.
    • Bug Number: MCDEV-5385. Multicam editing with Panasonic LongG media is not supported with this release.
    • Bug Number: MCDEV-5384. Currently, when working with LongG media, you might see dropped frames when editing 4 streams. This might occur when playing from a single stream to multiple streams (and from multiple streams back to a single stream). The dropped frames usually display around the edit point (transition to a different stream).


    How Customers will obtain the Media Composer v2018.1:

    1.  Customers who have already installed the latest version of Media Composer will be notified of the availability of the v2018.1 upgrade via the AppMan. The Apps tab will also provide a link to download and install the update when desired.

    2.  New customers who purchase Media Composer on or after January 16th, 2018 will receive this v2018.1 update in their Avid Master Account.

    3.  Customers on current valid Upgrade & Support plans can download the Media Composer v2018.1 and either update from their Avid Master Account or the Avid Download Center (login and password required.)

    4.  Customers not on a current Upgrade & Support contract that wish to use v2018.1 must purchase a new perpetual license or a subscription in order to use MC 2018.1.

    Reminder: This release of Media Composer v2018.1 requires an active Upgrade & Support plan. Please ensure customers are notified that they must have a valid Support & Upgrade plan before recommending they install this update.

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