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  • Mon, Sep 24 2018 4:11 PM

    Application manager and NIC Teaming,

    Dear Interplay users,

    I'd like to ask if others that have an Interplay system in which they use redundant switches can test a simple scenario.

    On an idle activated by the application manager Interplay product, it doesn't matter which, Transcode, production services, Transfer, that is connected by 2 Teamed 1G network connections disconnect the first nic, to simulate a primairy switch failure. Now restart that server. Does the product still activate? If so reconnect the first nic and disconnect the second and restart again.

    What I'm seeing is that the application manager for interplay products, just like MC, activates on the basis of 1 MAC address of the 'first' NIC it finds (the one with the lowest ifindex) during activation. If that NIC goes down the product does not activate the next time it is started. But this is such an elementary part of functional redundancy that I can't believe this is actually true.

    That the application manager on the MC client side does not support dual NIC teaming for device ID creation from 2 MAC adresses for activation I can deal with, although that should also work IMHO. But on the server's side?


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    Re: Application manager and NIC Teaming,


    App Manager wasn’t designed for fail-over situations.   We have an ‘Enterprise’ mode to use on network locked system (which is basically an off-line activation workflow).  App Manager ties to a network NIC.

    If you disable that, then there could be problems.


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  • Tue, Sep 25 2018 9:49 AM In reply to

    Re: Application manager and NIC Teaming,

    Hi Marianna,

    Not trying to be smart here, but that 'enterprise mode' was (and is) called a dongle.

    That commercial changes made Avid move MC from a dongle to a single NIC based solution keeping the dongle as an option was a choice that everybody understands, liking it or not. But on a >$10.000,- server based piece of software? 

    I'm not sure if making this thread into a feature request of app manager using the MAC adresses of all NICs it finds in a server to build multiple device ID's so it can use any combination of active nics on such a system, makes (commercial) sense. Or if customers who intend to use redundant switches should by default be sold dongles for activation,

    Maybe (former) Orad's default activation methods are, if a bit more organized, an option to consider for Avid server products?

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