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    Re: Avid Titler+ - The good, the not-so-good and the ugly...


    Fazz Powell:

    one word: INSCRIBER. Buy it, port it to AVX2. :) 

    INSCRIBER! I had Inscriber in my online all-component suite 25 years ago - it was fantastic (on a Targa card, GPI triggers, etc.). Also had our 1st Avid then too - strictly editorial and remained that way until AVR 77, when it started to receive very limited finishing use. Throughout there was the Title Tool, whose biggest upgrade of all time was receiving soft shadows sometime around 2000.

    Sadly, the current Title Tool, with all its faults and limitations, is functionally better than the Titler+ just introduced - an embarassment. I, like, many many others, am sorely disappointed at this 1st release, especially with all the fanfare Avid created prior to release. Or, Avid, perhaps not too late - just buy and port Inscriber for inclusion in MC.

    +1 Yes


    Inscriber is indeed the best title software ever made! I used them on my first NLE's, that were Matrox DigiSuite systems. Never found anything like it again. Inscriber CG was for simple titles, TitleMotion for animated text, and TitleMotion Pro could even animate 3D characters back in the late 90’s early 2000. What a pity that such a wonderful character generator got send to the bone yard.

    Applications that are around today like; NewBlue FX, Avid FX, Boris RED and Title Studio don’t even come close. The only solution out there is After Effects, what is a too big hassle.

    Like others suggested. Buy this old titler from Harris and make it work in Avid. Idea


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    Yes, I have installed the latest DX driver.

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    Re: Avid Titler+ - The good, the not-so-good and the ugly...

    Hello everyone - 

    As part of Avid’s commitment to not only improving the new Media Composer Titler but also ensuring you’re aware of those improvements, I wanted to make sure you knew of the latest updates and changes in Media Composer 2018.12.1, which was released yesterday.

    This information can be found in the ReadMe with illustrations, as well.

    Selecting Gradients in the Avid Titler Tool

    We’ve adding the ability to assign gradients Titler tool. Gradients can be assigned to the Face, Shadow, Edge, Frame and Background by clicking the button next to the color chip to toggle between solid and gradient colors. One thing to note is that the mini button is used to cycle through the available options; it’s not an enabler/disabler of gradients (vs solid colors).


    Titler and In/Out Points

    The Titler now obeys In/Out points on the Timeline. When you have an In/Out point, you can drag and drop a Titler effect in between the IN/OUT points on an empty region and the effect will respect the IN/OUT points. Clicking on T+ button after having selected an empty region will also respect In/Out points.


    Adding Effects to IN/OUT Points

    This change also allows you to add any effect to a region in the sequence marked by an In/Out point and have the effect apply.


    Titler+ Text Box Changes

    When you open the Titler (T+) you’re presented with a large text box – this is not the safe area as some users had believed. The text box allows you to click anywhere on the screen and start typing.

    In addition, if you click on the T (text) button, a new text box will be created in the center of the screen.

    Finally, text boxes with dashed lines indicate that they are not currently selected; a text box with handles indicates that it’s the selected element.


    Animation Clarification

    Translate, Scale, Rotation, Skew, and Origin parameters in the Effect Editor can be animated for text boxes and shapes. Currently we’re recommending that you have a single text box selected when using animation, otherwise the animation might not behave as expected. We’re working on allowing each object to have its own animation for a future release.


    Rotation Clarification

    Some users were unclear about how the rotation parameter in the Titler Tool worked. This parameter rotates each character on its axis; to rotate the entire text box, use the Z Rotation slider in the Effect Editor.


    We know we have additional improvements to make (improving the selection model, expanding animation support, etc.) which we will release over the next couple of months. While we hope these changes improve your experience with the new Titler Tool, we know there’s more to do to make it truly enjoyable. Please continue to provide detailed feedback that we can use to make the tool better.

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    Re: Avid Titler+ - The good, the not-so-good and the ugly...

    Thanks for the update. I'm waiting to upgrade but does it give you real time coordinates of the position of each line of text? Word wrap with less leading, than a new line, for two+ line bullet points. Like someone said have the ability to control size of that bounding box for the text. Return spawns a new line with a higher leading value to separate from the line above. Vertical placement is important data to have real time. Also can you set multiple V margins, H baselines, position them at will, and assign justification properties to each margin? Can one constrain the text to margins, or un-constrain. CTL+ = Nudge font in word. Does it support 32 bit art/logos and the alpha channel? Texture map image or video to a geometric shapes. Have shapes with bevels, and other properties like inner shadow/drop shadow. Animate crop and text bullet builds etc. (whisper Inscriber.) :) I liked the chicklets for the job on the side too. Very basic demo, this titler came out in 1993 ...

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    Re: Avid Titler+ - The good, the not-so-good and the ugly...

    This is a huge timesaver. Thanks!

    Kate Ketcham:

    Adding Effects to IN/OUT Points

    This change also allows you to add any effect to a region in the sequence marked by an In/Out point and have the effect apply.



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    Re: Avid Titler+ - The good, the not-so-good and the ugly...

    Justification seems off with Avid Titler+. It basically works for left justification but for center, it scrolls way off the the right.

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    Re: Avid Titler+ - The good, the not-so-good and the ugly...

    Thanks for the new Titler+, will make a huge difference to our workflow.

    Two things I've come across so far.

    1. Underline doesn't get an edge when you add an edge to text.

    2. Issues going from Mac to PC. I just tried moving a sequence with Titler+ effects from Mac 10.13 suite to Win7 suiet. First time the sequence opened but the titles were all blank. No text or rectangles or anything else visible although the settings in the effects editor seemed to reflect what should have been there. Opened the project again on Mac and titles that I had tried to edit on the PC were still blank. Others were ok. Going back to the PC and Avid crashed every time I tried to open that sequence. Deleted the Titler+ effects on the Mac and can now open the sequence again on the PC. So looks like some incompatibility there? I probably didn't start off well by using a random font on the Mac that wasn't present on the PC...




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    Re: Avid Titler+ - The good, the not-so-good and the ugly...

    In the effect editor it would be great if there were controls under the Global section for position, scale, rotation, etc. for the entire effect. The idea being that I could compose the title with various elements in place - even be able to animate them individually. Then I could slide the whole thing on screen at once, for instance.


    If that functionality is there like most other effects, I just don't see it in 2018.12.1 on Windows.

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