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    Restore to Newscutters - Media Offline - Solved - Interplay Production 3.0.5

    Hi All,


    Its been awhile since I posted and I don't know if the subject represents the scope about what I am going to post - but - we are on an older bundle - 3.0.5 with updated 3.4.3 MI - Interplay production and our newsroom editors are Newscutter v. 11.0.6 -- and we had a mystery for awhile. 


    As some of you may remember I was with Avid support for several years and specialized in Interplay. The reason I post today is to say that we found a bug that probably will never be fixed but burned us for years. I used every trick in the book that I knew but could not get it resolved. least we found the workaround and a decent resolution. 


    When an editor does restore through media services/restore - as the job finishes and completes in the Media Services Status Viewer (ie turns green) - that is the visual indication that the media should be now available in Interplay window. For the most part it is - but sometimes one - or more of our editors would see the media status remain OFFLINE in the bin. We became micro focused on Media Indexer in our attempts to resolve the problem. As we got down to it - our editors would restart newscutter which would resolve the problem. The media would be online next time they access the bin/seq/media. 

    After studying the cache dates and times in the local MI folder on the edit stations we realized that cache files were not being refreshed as designed - only when in the administrator role - could a steady tech log into the MI via webbrowser and re-commit those caches to update them - but I digress - we noticed that the cache updates didn't seem to matter - our offline media would remain offline. 

    Making several assumptions I finally realized that this problem had nothing to do with relinking, or Indexer caches, or user settings, project, etc. 

    What did work - and the reason you have kept reading this post - is a feature called 'Clear Bin Memory'. It was something that was designed in the older versions to clear outstanding media objects that consume RAM. 

    We think why it works to solve our problem is that when an editor access the interplay window and drag clip from Interplay into Bin - there is a temporary object that exists - and gets in the way of the relink/dynamic relink process for this particular editor.  As I mentioned earlier in the post - some edit bays had no problem acccessing the media several minutes after a restore - usually when the editor complains he can't see his media - will run to another room - check for online status in that edit bay and would see it online. 

    After fumbling around with this for several weeks - and knowing about the problem even longer - we came up with this. 

    So - if you restore something and it doesn't come back in your room - try using the Clear Bin Memory button (info tab on project window). 


    Hope it helps some of you oldies. 


    Mike Sturgeon


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