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  • Wed, Sep 18 2019 4:05 PM

    • mkj
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    Is this logical?....MC lags if you listening to Spotify at the same time?

    Our colorist(working with sequences without sound) have had some prolems ....and it got better when we turnded off Spotify & webb-browsers.... Is MC(Symphony) sensitive for having a program like Spotify playing music at the same time?


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  • Thu, Sep 19 2019 9:15 AM In reply to

    • Bruno M
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    Re: Is this logical?....MC lags if you listening to Spotify at the same time?

    Any program is susceptible to performance issues when other programs are running.

    It all depends on the performance and available resources of your workstation.

    Every program uses CPU cycles and RAM, as well as possibly writing/reading to your hard disk. If two programs are both demanding the majority of your computer resources at the same time, then lag will result.

    You could try looking at the graphs in the 'Performance' tab within Windows Task Manager. This will show you what's happening with your CPU cores and memory when programs are executing. Try running MC and some other programs at the same time and see what happens in the graphs. If any graph starts maxing out, then this is a good sign that some program may be waiting for certain computer resources to become free.

    You can change a programs priority in the 'Processes' tab, but I've not tried this myslf, so I've no idea if this would make any difference in your situation. I believe these priority changes also get reset once you restart the OS, so not an ideal solution.

    My advice? Leave the workstation to do what it's meant to do (editing/grading) and get yourself a cheap tablet (or similar) to play your music!

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    Re: Is this logical?....MC lags if you listening to Spotify at the same time?



    I usually have heaps of stuff open. never a problem.

    Browsers and such need hardly any CPU.

    Only if the system is memory starved i could imagine a problem.

    You want 32GB o' RAM.

    But yeah, look at task manager.

    And maybe event log - Windows ->System, Application. Filter the logs for Errors.

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