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  • Wed, Jun 28 2006 7:36 PM

    • ianmcdan
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    Duplicate frames when importing into a 23.976 project.

    I've got a 23.976 project that I'm working on.  I'm doing a lot of graphics in After Effects, some of which came from another person as 23.98fps footage.  In After Effects I've reinterpreted the footage to 23.976, dropped that into a new 23.976 comp and rendered it out to 2:1 Progressive OMF.

    When I watch the quicktime alone, it looks fine.  No duplicate frames.

    When I import it into the AVID, every few seconds, it will insert a duplicate frame.  I can't figure out if it's a set amount of frames, or if it's random.

    As a test, I started a 24 Project and imported to that too... Same issue.  But the duplicate frame is in different places.

    Anybody ever experienced this before?

    Thanks in advance.
    Ian McDaniel
  • Wed, Jun 28 2006 8:37 PM In reply to

    • msturgeon
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    Re: Duplicate frames when importing into a 23.976 project.


    Can you explain how you "reinterpret" your material?

  • Wed, Jun 28 2006 9:26 PM In reply to

    Re: Duplicate frames when importing into a 23.976 project.

    I had recently recieved a call from a customer with a similar issue.

    After much investigation, we determined that the problem was in fact the improper setting of the After Effect's Composition frame rate.  After Effects will allow you to type in any value you choose, and since the term "23.98" is an abreviation used to describe the true frame rate of "23.976" it becomes easy to create the wrong type of file for use with Avid Media Composer and Avid Symphony Nitris.

    Here is a Knowledge Base entry describing the problem.

    Importing 23.98 Movies into a 23.976 Avid Project causes duplicated frames

    I've created several compositions in my testing using the Timecode Plugin within After Effects to see which frames were being duplicated.  I made two 5-second Compositions,  a 23.976 file and a 23.98 file.  the 23.976 file imported correctly each time. the 23.98 file duplicated the first, 60th and the last frame, and came in at a durration of 05:02. 

    the file generated at 23.976 came in at exactly 05:00 with no duplicated frames.

    i then took the 23.98 Quicktime movie into After Effects and dropped it into a brand new 23.976 composition, and rendered a new movie.  the resulting AE generated Quicktime movie was a mess of duplicated and missing frames, and i did not even bother to import it into Avid because of this. 

    The only solution i have for this problem is to get your client to modify their Compositions' settings to 23.976, re-render, and send new files for you to, because the re-processed files will come out worse than the ones you allready have. 


    Christopher Swan
    Technical Support Engineer
    Avid Nitris / Avid Unity

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  • Thu, Jun 29 2006 12:25 AM In reply to

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    Re: Duplicate frames when importing into a 23.976 project.

    In After Effects, I take the footage that comes in a 23.98 and use the Interpret Footage in the bin and force it to 23.976.

    I then create a 23.976 Comp and drag the movie into that.

    The resulting quicktime however (in Quicktime properties) says 23.98.

    I just finished re-rendering the whole thing in a straight 24fps comp (as well as forcing the Quicktime that way)  It imported just fine.  Not sure why... It doesn't make sense that it would.

    The timing of course is much different, but at least there are no dropped frames.  I can make up for lost time in the edit. (It's a music video)

    I've tried the test with the timecode plug-in, but I'm not getting the same results as Christopher did.  Everything rendered to 23.976 comes in a 23.98 in Quicktime... and frames are dropped.  This may be a Mac/PC compatability thing.  After Effects is running on a Mac... AVID on PC.  I couldn't imagine that this would make any difference though.

    Thanks for your help.
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