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  • Wed, Jan 11 2006 3:42 AM

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    Mourning Meridien Multicam

    Was it perfect? Certainly not: going into multicam mode was usually a mistake, a wait of 5-10 seconds while the system dealt with this strange request. And requiring 10m  or 4m resolution, and lacking some of the supposed Adrenaline flexibility. But it performed as promised.

    By contrast-- Adrenaline multicam is incapable of playing the 9-way split from the source window (without going into multicam mode-- believe it or not, that's the way we've been using it since ABVB and NuBus days). And wow, is it buggy. With my projects-- 11 or 12 iso cameras, timelines of 60 to 120-180 minutes (never a problem for Meridien), there is no chance of chatter-free playback of the 9-way... And going to the source window to look at the 9-way? Bad idea ! Unless you want the proverbial cup of coffee while you restart from crashing.

    Happily, I've discovered that I'm not alone.. there's a sub-culture of multicamists who seek out pre-Adrenaline systems for their offlines, and trade tales of Adrenaline indignities. Don't get me wrong: Adrenaline has many fine qualities, but multicam isn't one of them. It's a mystery why Avid should have compromised one of the features that distinguished it from all others.

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    Re: Mourning Meridien Multicam

    HD limits the number of panels multicam can display as well as multicam functionality at this time

    The following is taken from the MC HD editing guide:

    Limitations on Playback of MultiCamera Media

    To play back a group clip or a multigroup clip, you must be in MultiCamera

    mode. In addition, the following limitations apply to playback performance for

    both standard-definition projects and high-definition projects:

    • In an HD project, playback in any of the multicamera displays uses the

    Best Performance mode for video quality. For information on Best

    Performance mode, see “Playing Back at Different Video Qualities” in the


    • In an SD project, you must have an Avid Adrenaline DNA attached to

    your system in order to view multicamera display in a client monitor

    during a digital cut.

    • In an HD project, you cannot play back a multicamera sequence to the

    client monitor. Client monitor settings you select in the MultiCam tab of

    the Composer Settings dialog box do not apply to HD projects.

    • In an SD project, multicamera editing works only with 8-bit resolutions. If

    you use media with a 10-bit resolution, the Avid editing application

    automatically plays the media at the appropriate 8-bit resolution.

  • Fri, Jan 27 2006 10:40 PM In reply to

    Re: Mourning Meridien Multicam

    30clip group clip issue.

    PC Adrenaline v 2.1.8


    We have a show that is trying to cut a master  audio sequence with 30 associated camera angles, or shots.

    They can play a nine way split then toggle to the next nine.  When they hit the switch camera bank button again, it gives them their original 9 shots instead of the next nine.  I'm putting in a feature request to extend the number of shots you can step through from 18 to .......over 30.  Has anyone run into this issue and does anyone have a work-around.


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