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A couple of years ago I made this promo for our company, though I would share it. It was  made within MC using simple tools and fx, timewarp, animatte, CC, pan and zoom, blur. Used the chaps in the office as the talent.

Date Added: Tue, Jul 24 2007


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pwelsass said:

I liked the filters and shots. However, I guess because I am an American, I didn't understand the video, and the humor was a bit "English" for me. :) Paul

Tue, Jul 24 2007 7:19 PM

Sasquatch said:

Thanks for your comments Paul. Do you not have a tradition of playing conkers in America? We are UK based company and it was aimed at the local market, shame it doesn't translate well to the US though. Cheers, Mike

Wed, Jul 25 2007 9:42 AM

pwelsass said:

It is possible that people play this in the US, and that I am just unaware of it, but I don't believe so. I have never heard of it, and the video did not remind me of anything. I thought it was put together well, and kind of funny, but since I didn't know what it was some of it got lost in translation. Good job on the filming, filters, effects, animations, and overall structure! :)

Wed, Jul 25 2007 2:15 PM

Sasquatch said:

Well I guess it was probably educational then. Maybe come the fall you can hunt down some conkers (horse chestnuts) and have yourself a game. Glad you enjoyed the technical and creative aspects of the film. Cheers, Mike.

Wed, Jul 25 2007 3:43 PM

Desmond Walker said:

I miss the point, or the rule.

Tue, Aug 7 2007 8:51 AM

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