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  • Re: SR 2400 FM (Can't Allocate Memory) error

    I may have figured this out. Swapped in a 2200 and had the same exact issue going on. Then realized that the 2400 that was sent to me from Avid was running Win2K but the 2200 was running XP. Checked Profiler and it showed memory failed, seeing 2048 required 3072. So I ran the 3GB file which got it to 2700 but still was performing with the same issue
  • SR 2400 FM (Can't Allocate Memory) error

    Hello, I'm trying to build out an old 4.2.4 Unity using a 2400 filemanager. System is VERY sluggish when in any Unity modules. Froze up when creating a Data Disk Set in Setup Manager. Upon Restart, the system does see a data disk set though i don't feel to confident in its stability. I made sure the 3GB boot.ini edit was done, reseated RAM,
  • Re: Script Sync Trial

    Got it working... just need to call avid with the system ID and they generate one. thanks Avid
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by Wahappened on Wed, Jun 8 2011
  • Script Sync Trial

    Hello, anyone have experience getting the SS trial to work? I have installed MC 5.5.2, have a viable dongle attached. When i go to script sync and choose "run trial" as specified in the instructions, i get fields to enter system ID and serial but no 30 Trial button. I've gotten this to work in the past and not sure what i'm doing different
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by Wahappened on Wed, Jun 8 2011
  • Re: G-Speed Q Setup

    I have been struggling with a Gtech 2314 card. Doesn't seem to be a Win7 driver that i can find. The link i was given for the win7 driver directs you to a Vista 32 bit or 64 bit driver. Tried the 64 bit driver and get nothing but blue screens on startup. Back to normal once i uninstall card and driver. Has anyone had success with this card in a
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by Wahappened on Tue, May 24 2011
  • Re: AudioSuite Incompatibility

    I am having a similar issue. On a PC adrenaline, HP8400 running MCA 3.5.4 i export an embedded AAF with some time compression FX. Have tried Rendering prior to export, Not Rendering, Rendering as part of Export option in AAF export options blah blah blah. When you import into Protools (version 8, havent tried other versions yet), the Region is there
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Wahappened on Mon, Jan 11 2010
  • Re: image stabiliser render problem

    Anyone know if this is fixed in version 4? I see it in SN 3.5.4. I'm actually seeing it with the Fluid morph effect though. Seems to work fine on MCA 3.5.x
    Posted to Avid Options Forum (Forum) by Wahappened on Fri, Oct 2 2009
  • Re: Lanshare LP - 3Ware BIOS not installed

    I think i might have fixed it. I noticed that the firmware for the 3Ware controller was mysteriously updated past the version that is on the 4.2.4 disk. Not sure how that happened. Back Reved that and message went away and the LS has stayed on overnight with no self restart or blue screen of death. Hopefully it will stay that way. Thanks for the help
  • Re: Lanshare LP - 3Ware BIOS not installed

    Came in one morning to blue screen of death. Was able to reboot and it ran for a couple of days but did it again and now wont boot or sometimes will boot and stay running for a few hours then bluescreen. No power loss. Disks do show up during initilization. No drive errors were reported in Monitor tool Luckily i had another LSLP that was free so i was
  • Lanshare LP - 3Ware BIOS not installed

    Hello, I am having serious issues with my Lanshare LP. Wondering if anyone had any insight. Lanshare LP (8TB) is Bluescreening and failing to boot. Upon launch, i get a message "3Ware BIOS Not Installed" I suspected one of the 3Ware card was busted but when trying to isolate which one it was it occurs on both when seperately installed. I suppose
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