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  • AMC 8.1 AMA/Transcode Problems with 5D Material

    I cannot transcode AMA linked material shot on 5D Mark III; it takes an inordinate amount of time, then I get the error message, Exception: AMAProducerTask::Execute:AMA Plug-In Unable to Provide Sample. Very, very shot clips seem to go through, but anything over 20 seconds or so gets stuck for a very...
    Posted to Get Started Fast (Forum) by emilytaguchi on Mon, Sep 8 2014
  • Transcoding AMA clips

    I'm trying to transcode a batch of H264 .mov clips from a Canon 5D which I have brought in via AMA but with variable success. Clips for less than a minute long seem fine but longer than that the transcode process hangs after a few seconds. Are there known issues with this route in Version 7.0.2?...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by J_R on Sun, Jul 13 2014
  • Upresing for a grading master

    I shot onthe 5d mkII. In Avid 6.5 I linked the clips to AMA then transcoded to DNX 36 to edit. The project is 2 hours. I want to upres so that I can begin color grading, but looking around on the forum, all the workflows involve relinking to the ama clips, which it does not seem like I can do because...
    Posted to Get Started Fast (Forum) by patskehill on Sun, Mar 2 2014
  • editing in DNxHD 36, color correct before I re-link to source?

    I am editing H.264 footage and have read it's better to transcode to DNxHD 36 before editing. For a different project, I'm editing some footage shot in 4k that i'd want to edit at a lower res such as DNxHD 36. After cutting and adding effects, is it better to color correct beofe I re-link...
    Posted to Get Started Fast (Forum) by laBob on Tue, Feb 18 2014
  • Workflow for mixed camera sources: C300, 5D, GoPro

    Hello all, I am new to Avid after 10+ years on FCP, so please forgive what may seem like very basic questions. I am working on a show that shoots in multiple formats: Canon C300, 5D, and GoPro. All of these cameras at times will be synced to dialogue, and will need to be aligned according to time of...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Chris Burke on Tue, Feb 11 2014
  • Re: Avid MC 6 and Canon c300

    Hi Mariana (or anyone!) I would love the latest scoop on this too if anyone can point me in the right direction. I am using MC7.03 & working on a canon C300 project with some clips shot 23.976 and some shot 60fps The tricky bit is i'm not sure which until i AMA link right? (I have installed the...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by matthewh on Mon, Feb 3 2014
  • can group clips have gaps on various tracks, and still keep sync?

    mini-documentary with two 5D's and an offboard audio recorder. any combination of these running / not running at a given time. i'd still like to have group clips, but if, say, one 5D drops out in the middle of an interview, then comes back on, can a group clip handle this? my recollection last...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by ilkka on Mon, Dec 9 2013
  • Video from 5D (mark II), audio from EX-1 (XDCAM)

    Hi, I'm fairly new to editing, so please bear with me. I have a project with video from the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and audio recorded onto the Sony EX-1. I can access the video from the 5D, but when I try to import the sound from the EX-1, it does not allow me to import. Has anyone tried using video...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by fredroaldset on Sat, Sep 14 2013
  • MC6 C300 AMA Workflow and Export

    Hey guys, I am new to Avid MC6 and I come from FCP7 and was wondering if you could help me out. I have a doc which has 5D and C300 footage on a 720p 25fps project. To import the 5D footage was really easy and had no hassles whatsoever, however, I had a problem with the C300 footage shot on 50fps. I searched...
    Posted to Get Started Fast (Forum) by tomasbrice on Tue, Aug 27 2013
  • Avid Crashes when Importing Canon 5D Mark III footage

    Hello Avid Community, I've recently installed Avid v7 on my Mac Pro. I moved a shared project over from another machine and am trying to simply important footage shot on a Canon 5D Mark III into a bin. Avid processes the audio file fine, but when it attempts to process the video file, it gets near...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by blakekhodges on Mon, Jul 29 2013
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