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  • I News

    Is I News accurate if used to find out the productivity of journalists and producers (users) based on the times "Created by" appears in a given frame of time? Many thanks indeed. Hani Yared
    Posted to Broadcast Newsroom (Forum) by haniyared on Sun, Jan 8 2012
  • Avid at the 2011 NAB Show: Non-Stop Main Stage and Booth Demos All Week

    Avid is packing the booth at NAB with a powerful display of solutions as we showcase the industry standard and customized workflows that enable our customers to achieve whatever they can imagine. Even more exciting, we will be offering a daily lineup of demonstrations and presentations by some of the...
    Posted to Buzz (Weblog) by Mark Williams on Wed, Apr 6 2011
  • Avid at the 2011 NAB Show: Main Stage Speakers

    With such a wide array of activities and events happening this year at NAB , it is hard to decide what we’re most excited for. With the continuing buzz surrounding the releases of Media Composer 5.5 and Pro Tools 9, and our booth hosting some of the most creative and well-respected industry leaders...
    Posted to Buzz (Weblog) by Mark Williams on Tue, Apr 5 2011
  • Avid at the 2011 NAB Show: Watch #AvidBuzz All Week for Show Details

    Every year, professionals and innovators from the film and broadcasting industry flock to Las Vegas for the National Association of Broadcasters ( NAB ) show. Over the years, Avid’s booth has become a “must see” highlight, complete with demonstrations of cutting edge technology, profiles...
    Posted to Buzz (Weblog) by Mark Williams on Tue, Apr 5 2011
  • Problema con Inews integración EVS con MOS

    Buenas tardes. Tengo un problema con la integración de la escaleta Inews con el plugin de EVS a través del protocolo MOS. Después de crear un form que contiene 3 campos que se "hablan" con Inews a través del protocolo MOS (mos-duration, mos-title y mos-active), entre...
    Posted to Foro en EspaƱol (Forum) by jcpablos on Mon, Dec 13 2010
  • Cant use templates with auto-motion via DekoSelect command

    Hello good people. I'm having troble using templates with automaotion via DekoSelect command. If there is a graphic class assosiated with a deko template, it won't read in DekoSelect via iNews. (I can see the thumbnail) I'm getting a error 13, and that the file cant by found at my local workstation...
    Posted to Avid Motion Graphics (Forum) by JASC on Tue, Nov 16 2010
  • iNEWS NRCS and iNEWS Command integration

    I am using iNEWS 3.2 and iNEWS Command 2.6 for control Airspeed Multistream. Connection between iNEWS and Command is based on VIDEO-ID which is generated by iNEWS. How is possible to obtain duration time of clip, which is loaded on the Multistream, into iNEWS?. After monitor load rundown to command server...
    Posted to Broadcast Newsroom (Forum) by Olga on Tue, Nov 9 2010
  • iNEWS Admin Suite

    Hi, as Avid Certified Instructors we've done a lot of iNEWS Administrator- and Database Design Courses. In recent times our students are often astonished that there is no graphical tool for managing iNEWS. Instead there are lots of different files and stories that have to be customized. There is...
    Posted to Broadcast Newsroom (Forum) by sebastian_lorenz on Fri, Oct 29 2010
  • Inews: how do I recover messages

    I am sorry it might look silly, I work in the Italian press and use regularly Avid INews, but I don't know how to recover some messages that have been sent to me through the INews engine. When I open and close a message, what should I do in order to access it again? It looks as if it is lost. Thank...
    Posted to Broadcast Newsroom (Forum) by vorkosigan61 on Thu, Jun 3 2010
  • iNews Mystery Squares in Scripts

    I have one anchor who has a problem with a little square box appearing in scripts on the first key stroke every time she gets into a script (or almost every time). There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to why they appear. it's just her and it's just her first key stroke. They character...
    Posted to Broadcast Newsroom (Forum) by kevin kmgh on Tue, May 25 2010
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