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  • OMF Error

    Hi, I'm currently trying to export an OMF file to be taken into Adobe Audition. I'm using AVID 8.3.1 (I've had to change the format of my project from 1080p to a PAL 25p to be able to have the option for OMF export?). I have tried every variation of the Export Method (linking to the media...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by jimmy23 on Wed, Apr 27 2016
  • Media Composer to Logic workflow?

    Hi, I'm having trouble sending sound to a sound designer who is working on Logic. I first tried a standard AAF MXF output, because I was initially led to believe he was working on protools. He wrote back to say he couldn't read the mxf files. So, I exported an OMF 2.0 with wav files and he said...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by S.Clements on Tue, Apr 21 2015
  • OMF Insufficient Space

    I am trying to export an audio OMF 2.0 and I keep getting this error: "Insufficient space for a file of 1985828k on any selected volume" I have three hard drives hooked up to the computer and one has 700GB, so I am not out of space. What could be the problem?
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Avid Student 19 on Mon, Feb 23 2015
  • OMF Export Headaches: "Segmentation Fault" error on a couple isolated tracks

    Hi, I always have headaches when exporting OMFs for the sound department from my system. AAFs export fine, but OMFs almost always cause crashes or errors of some sort. To prepare, I make my project SD. I delete all video and effects and set Media Creation settings to OMF (even though I heard this isn't...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by S.Clements on Mon, Mar 24 2014
  • OMF Not Linking to media

    Hello, I'm new to the forums, but I have a major issue, that I just can't figure out. I'm exporting an OMF for a dialogue editor. He want's it in 15 min segments. each segment is in a new sequence, with no video tracks or effects. I consolidated the media, and then took the consolidated...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Briarosethorn on Tue, Mar 18 2014
  • MC 6.5 issue with AAF export to Pro Tools 10 & 11

    I figured out yesterday after 5 hours of troubleshooting that when I exported an AAF or OMF with cross fades only (no effects) and import it into Pro Tools 10 and 11 that the start timecode of my audio clips in pro tools are based on the length of my cross fade attached to the clip. Is this a bug or...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by jbfilms90 on Fri, Feb 21 2014
  • MVI_ and Go Pro footage in MCv6.0.3.2

    I've cut a couple of sequences that I've outputed to Quick time that include MVI_ and Go Pro footage as well as standard XF305 mxf files. When I try to consolidate, transcode, or export an OMF files I get Assertion failed:False:/snapshots/relensnow6_ .... I've checked and if I take out the...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by David Street on Fri, Nov 15 2013
  • OMF 2.0 Export issues in 5.5.2

    I recently upgraded to MC 5.5.2 from 5.3.0. When attempting to export an audio OMF 2.0 of a 20 minute sequence, I get the "NO! it's too big" error. So I go to export each track individually and still I get the error. After downgrading back to 5.3, the errors go away and I'm able to...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Anthony on Tue, Jul 5 2011
  • Problems exporting OMF 2.0

    Hi all, I'm trying to export a blank (link to media) OMF 2.0 file but whenever I do, it tells me "OMF2 export - invalid format for OMF export". The media was captured as WAV (OMF) and all the system setting are set to OMF. I've had a look to see if it's a corruption within the sequence...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Guy Ducker on Mon, Jul 4 2011
  • omf 2.0 export from MC 3.1

    Am I missing something or is there no longer an option to export an omf 2.0 file? I need to send audio to a studio tht is using an older version of pro tools (5.1) and they have digi translator but apparently it can't read aaf files. Thanks
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by davidcarlson on Mon, Feb 23 2009
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