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  • Tue, Jun 7 2022 2:49 AM

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    Unsmooth playback in Avid 2021-2022

    Recently installed Avid 2022 on a home system and noticed that the playback in source and record monitors is not smooth at all, it's as if it's skipping a few frames every now and then, not crazy stutter but noticeable and not comfortable at all.

    Spec:AMD 5900x; Geforce 3070; 64gb ram, x2 nvme samsung980 ssd

    Media is transcoded mxf dnx36 ona usb-c connected ssd, tried using local nvme ssd and the result was the same, so it shouldn't be that. Tried installing 2021 and it was exactly the same. Installed 2018.12 and the playback is super smooth and as it should be but I rather use the newer version. Latest studio gfx driver, nothing else running. Not sure where to dig with this and hoping anyone had a similar experience. Is it that Avid doesn't really care about performance and optimisation on non-quadro cards? Not asking for amazing benchmarks but not being able to playback dnx36 media seems a bit much and making the software rather useless for the non-hardcore crowd. At work we have some old systems with 10-year old 6gb quadros and the playback is fine on the new avid. So consumer gfx are a no go? Or am I missing a setting for the new engine or something.


    Thank you in advance.



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    Re: Unsmooth playback in Avid 2021-2022

    Hi there

    I think it is bandwidth but best to have a tech tke a peek at t=your post - I created a case for you 04439184 and one will get with you shortly....


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  • Tue, Jun 7 2022 1:58 PM In reply to

    Re: Unsmooth playback in Avid 2021-2022


    I don't have a solution but can confirm that performance with MC 2021/2022 is (once again) a more complex 'sience' then it was in 2018. (Never tested 2019). Especially in Nexis + Mediacentral production environments.

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  • Fri, Jun 10 2022 8:58 PM In reply to

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    Re: Unsmooth playback in Avid 2021-2022

    Hello, really appreciate you doing that since after a couple of proposed solutions by the customer care I got the issue fixed!

    It's pretty hard to find info on Avid issues and I've seen at least one person here having the same problem on Geforce 3000 series, so for anyone having the same troubles at home the solution is to disable GPU acceleration:


    Not sure how it will affect other performance with effects and such at a later stage, but the playback is smooth.


    Thanks again.

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