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  • Mon, Jan 25 2016 1:28 PM

    Multires Avid Interplay checkin with correct file path

    Dear Avid Community,

    We are using AMT SDK to generate DNxHD mxf as hires media and Avid H264 mxf as lowers media from the same footage. We locally render then copy and checkin to Interplay. Seems to be it is working for our customer, but still has some issues:

    - The file path in the mxf files are the original local filenames instead of the ISIS path. (We are using the ImportIntoInterplay function) - The hires and lowres are not 1 asset on the Interplay. We are using different master MOBIDs for the lowers and highres mxf files, but the same source MOBIDs. Could you help where should be the problem? Thanks, Gyula Priskin Colorfront


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    Re: Multires Avid Interplay checkin with correct file path

    Hi gyula,

    Welcome to the forum. Not sure if I fully understand your question, so here is a little bit of background:

    - In Interplay, multires relies on the concept of a common 'source id'. Multiple resolutions can be linked to a single asset by indentifying themselves as belonging to the same physical source. This is different from the master mob ID; in so-called Interplay multires assets different resolutions belong to the same (single) masterclip with its single immutable master mob. With multiple master clips you will not get a multires asset in Interplay.

    - AMT supports generating multi res assets but the expectation is that you have AMT create those assets directly on a managed or unmanaged ISIS workspaces, like other Avid products do. In this case, there should be little for you to worry about - AMT will create the required IDs for you on the first clip, and you can pass the source ID of your first clip to the second one to establish the multi res behavior. The Media Indexer will report media that shares the same source ID as belonging to the same asset. Remember that you must create assets in the 'creating' folder to avoid them being quarantined by the MI.

    - Network locators will be set correctly if media is created on ISIS in the way described. In an Interplay environment, the network locators are automatically managed via the Interplay Engine and the Media Indexer. There is no Avid provided API for modifying them.

    - When connected to Interplay, a 'Dynamic Relink' operation will make a selected resolution 'current' by pointing the master clip to the new essence (technically, the metadata gets embedded). This is how products select a specific resolution (in your case, high res or proxy). Avid products like Media Composer, Media Central | UX or Production Media Services perform relink operations either based on user choices or automatically so the 'current resolution' of an asset is just a transient state that can change anytime if needed.

    Hope this helps


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    Re: Multires Avid Interplay checkin with correct file path

    Regarding multi-res, you should use the same MOBID, so the one asset shows both the hi-res and proxy in "File Locations".  This is the way other third party vendors do this.

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